Oft nehme ich Dinge zu wörtlich. Schön das ich damit scheinbar nicht alleine bin.

@Wifi_cable @crossgolf_rebel ist man damit jetzt "screwed" oder "stoned"? Erinnerungen an die Steinzeit? Achnee, kein Uhr-Mensch dabei… 🤣


@Wifi_cable image of a ram stick labeled to a rock labelled "ramstein"


@restioson did i forgett to caption, or did the caption make no sense?


@Wifi_cable if u did, doesn't show up for me (that's happened before). I mean image caption in the mastodon stuff. Maybe the German described it but I didn't understand it so to be safe I added my own caption and boosted it for people wwho use screen readers


@restioson OK I understood you now. the german was "sometimes my mind is too literal. It appears I'm not alone in this"


@Wifi_cable ah ok.

i just like to add image captions to photos if they are uncaptioned and i will be boosting them since i know at least 1 person who is blind follows me

@Wifi_cable Back in University, we made keychains out of those old 2MB and 4MB SIMMs.

@bandie für "Rahmsteine" nim eine Heissklebepistole und klebe mehr einen Kielstein auf ein Tetrapack H-Sahne?

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