Es ist heute so schön frühlingshaft. 🌞

Es ist wirklich schön draußen. Ich muß die Jalousien herunterlassen, damit ich meinen Bildschirm erkenne.

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@cwebber @maloki

frankly, i don’t think the biggest problem with web is the governance structure. the “standard tech” is slow, heavy, and poorly designed from its roots. even after massive investments from multiple large organizations. now the complexity is so high that even microsoft has pulled out of the browser race. mozilla is still around for ideological reasons, but they will have a hell of a time keeping up.

we need intentionally simple protocols for building portable, modular, network applications. not ..whatever web has become.

Wenn man in »Nachteile« das I durch ein U ersetzt, heißt es »Nachteule«.

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"Wir können E-Mails nur bis 500km weit weg senden!" - Kannte ich noch nicht das Problem. Sehr lustig :D

Das Papierstück, auf dem der IC-Aufpreis gedruckt ist, ist ein paar Millimeter größer geworden und paßt jetzt nicht mehr ohne Weiteres in mein Etui. Dafür jetzt 100% Ökostrom.

So, the Brave browser, huh? Looks good so far.

Oh is an interesting-looking shell in pure Go.

I shall have a look at it!

OH: »Deine war die Telephonnummer mit +49 vorne, oder?«

I wonder if it is a viable business model to invest in stocks based on sitting next to business clowns on long-distance trains and observing the PowerPoint presentations or Word documents they piece together.

Also, @tootapp's posting screen is really, really cute, but after looking at it for several minutes it gets a little monotone.

Asynchronous working seems to become less and less popular. Yesterday while on the train I edited a Numbers spreadsheet that was shared via iCloud, and I couldn't make changes while in dead spots. Now I'm trying to clean up my inbox, and while moving is queued, mailbox creation isn't. – I think developers should use their own products on the road more often.

Ich habe offenbar gerade in dem Zeitfenster, in der mein Rechner die Blautöne aus den Farben genommen hat, ein Telephonat geführt. Jetzt komme ich zurück und alles ist gelb.

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the one thing i can honestly say i learnt thanks to my university studies that i dont think id have figured out elsewhere Show more

Ich bin so berühmt, mir schreiben schon wildfremde Leute per Mail, ob ich ihnen eine schicken kann. (Kann ich natürlich nicht.)

I think I'm going to try this Anki thing ( out for my theatre lines for this summer's play.

Anyway, I'd like to run a kernel written in a memory-safe language that I can also read and understand (personally I'd prefer Go because I'm good at it, and I haven't yet found a resource that made it easy for me to learn Rust, and my Haskell is very rusty (haha)). But I have no idea how it is be done and if it is at all practical (or if not, what's missing). Anyone?

I'm pondering finding funding for »let's throw everything over and write everything from scratch«. Starting with chip design, OS kernel, storage, tooling... up to GUIs for stationary and mobile devices.

I still couldn't find out why @tootapp says »detsoob« instead of »boosted« for the boosts of one person I follow. They don't look mirrored to me!

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