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Hi! I'm Jannis. (26, he/him, cis). I live in Heidelberg and work as a software engineer/SRE in Frankfurt am Main. I enjoy beautiful things.

Dieses super-smarte Telephon hier könnte mich doch eigentlich darüber in Kenntnis setzen, daß der Ton noch über die Bluetooth-Kopfhörer kommt, wenn ich dieselben rausnehme und es zum Telephonieren ans Ohr halte. Oder den Ton umschalten.

So. I made a few small local modifications to Elvish ( to make it run more smoothly on my Windows machine here. Let's see if the maintainers agree with my opinion on how a shell should behave on Windows.

Unrelated, I would like to produce an electronic version of Bach’s Johannespassion, and it got me thinking – are there examples for polyphonic vocals in combination with electronic music?

I’m absolutely hooked by Gojira’s »Magma« right now. I’ve been listening to the album on repeat since yesterday morning.

Politics in Germany (Thüringen) 

Actually, it turned out to be 112 deletions, I forgot to stage a build file in which I could remove a now unnecessary dependency.

»Only deleting code frees you from the burden of maintenance, automated testing and debugging.« -- Michael Stapelberg [1]


food, sportsball 

Ich fahre um die Uhrzeit übrigens schon wieder Zug, weil ich mich krank fühle und aus dem Büro heimfahre. (Und bin sehr dankbar, daß das einfach okay ist und niemand es hinterfragt oder einen abfälligen Kommentar macht.)

Gesellschaftlicher Alkoholismus 

»Aufgrund einer technischen Störung am Zug werden wir jetzt in Günzburg etwas länger halten, da wir an einem Wagen die Bremse ausschalten müssen« – es wird nie langweilig.

My phone is under the impression that the present participle of wonder is »wondring«. And the worst part of this is that I have spell checking turned off, but it got underlined in blue anyway.

I mean, have you been there? Do you believe they’d have switched from -1 directly to 1? Couldn’t make that up.

Therefore, to me, the decade starts today.

I, for one, do believe there was a year 0.

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This beautiful black brick of glass doesn’t seem to channel my creativity very strongly.

I didn’t do a lot, but my creative resources feel quite exhausted nonetheless. Or maybe I lack the right channels of expression?

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