I wonder why everybody is ranting that E-Mail has become so centralised. Yes, yes, you have to care about some things (security of your host, mail signing and policy checking, spam blocking, ...) to run your own e-mail server, but you *can* do it.

@Xjs at home with a private IP you get blacklisted and nothing reaches your partners.. so you can rather pay some one doing it right for you.

@Bobo_PK Probably depends on your ISP, right? But a VM with an IP address in a datacentre somewhere is even cheaper than a DSL line for your home, isn't it? ;)

@Xjs sure but whats the security gain of self hosting on a machine I have no physical control over? Then I can save my resources and pay a trusted mail provider instead. OK the nice part is to learn how to set stuff up.

@Bobo_PK My point here is that it isn't impossible to host it yourself. (I guess if you're sufficiently paranoid, you'll surely not let your internet connection be subject to the arbitrariness of a magenta-coloured consumer ISP either. Then you should also be able to have some fixed IP address routed to you and won't be blacklisted if you behave well.)

@Xjs I agree but it is not that everyone can do it in a resonable amount of time. I spend three days a few years ago setting it up on my pi and managed to send internal mails but the dyndns made sending external mails impossible. Thats when I opted for 1€/month at 😵

@Bobo_PK @Xjs You could use the VM just for routing the traffic while having the actual server at home and connecting up, listening on the VM's port, e.g. using ssh.

@uniporn @Bobo_PK Not if you're really paranoid. The datacentre operator could transparently MITM you. (Unless you configure TLS-only, of course, but I guess many MTAs won't speak with you then, either.)

@Xjs @Bobo_PK That is not a new threat model there, since your ISP could do the very same.

@Xjs @Bobo_PK You would still be peering with only one ISP. Therefor there is a single point of survailance.
However you could try to get your server into a mesh-network with routed public IP. There you could peer with multiple ISPs in order to be less dependant on one.

@Xjs @Bobo_PK aka when you are really paranoid you would rather hava an email not reach you than having it read by a third party. E.g. you would just bounce anything not PGP-endypted.

@uniporn @Bobo_PK Maybe you yourself are paranoid, but your users aren't this savvy? Don't know. Anyway, I run my mail server on a VPS in some datacentre, that's good enough for me. Whoever wants to send me dirty secrets can just encrypt them. :)

And it's not even really complicated to do so as a tech savvy person. There are many good tutorials out there on how to set up and maintain a mailserver.
But in a non professional environment it's special interest, I guess.

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