What state of mind had university put me in? Studying for my final oral exam – after already working full-time in the industry for about two years, thus studying being on some sort of hiatus – I just re-read a simple explanation of a concept from dynamical systems analysis, and found it very well put and easily understandable. I had never really understood the concept before.


I'm not sure why. Hadn't I found it too important? Had I simply not taken the two minutes to read the paragraph because I seemed not to have time? Was my motivation for studying and academic work so low? Was it a mental health issue?

I used to feel really smart as a kid. University seems to have taken it almost all away from me. I didn't really notice until now it is starting to come back. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm talking about cobweb diagrams, by the way. (Not sure if I should feel extra stupid now because it's so simple.)

Also not sure if I should have CW'd this with something, and if yes, why and with what. I'll be happy to learn if you think I should've.

University is a nightmare realm in fancy dress robes.

(And I say this as a long term participant.)

@feonixrift Still not sure whether I should pursue the magical two name-prefixing letters (or three, and postfix, in English).

Currently I can only imagine doing it in an industry cooperation, or in some field closely related to my work, so that there are overlaps. Can't imagine going back to slavery.

The game as I see it, in either realm:

- who pays whom in money, time and access
- what you can create or discover
- who can access your work then and later
- what having done it grants you lasting access to

Not willingly submitting one's self to a torture chamber purely for the sake of a lettered key which the doors of interest to one do not require is, of course, a valid solution.

@feonixrift Not sure yet whether the doors I want to perambulate require that key. I think it can make the journey a little easier, but it may not be worth the effort.

(I'm not aiming for an academic career, so a doctorate is no hard requirement. I'm interested in management, however, which I am amining for, seems to have about 30-50% »Dr.«-s. (gut observation from letterheads and mastheads, mostly)

@feonixrift Also, my idealist self actually wants to go into politics to change the world for the better. A full-time political career while maintaining moral integrity seems to require very much financial independence. (I think. At least it makes it harder to be swayed by lobbyists, which is a good thing?)

Anyway, approx. the same amount of politicians seem to have a doctorate, similarly just for show like in management.

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