What state of mind had university put me in? Studying for my final oral exam – after already working full-time in the industry for about two years, thus studying being on some sort of hiatus – I just re-read a simple explanation of a concept from dynamical systems analysis, and found it very well put and easily understandable. I had never really understood the concept before.

I'm not sure why. Hadn't I found it too important? Had I simply not taken the two minutes to read the paragraph because I seemed not to have time? Was my motivation for studying and academic work so low? Was it a mental health issue?

I used to feel really smart as a kid. University seems to have taken it almost all away from me. I didn't really notice until now it is starting to come back. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I'm talking about cobweb diagrams, by the way. (Not sure if I should feel extra stupid now because it's so simple.)

Also not sure if I should have CW'd this with something, and if yes, why and with what. I'll be happy to learn if you think I should've.

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