I already had five shots of coffee today. Not because I craved caffeine, just because of circumstances.

Let's see how this is going to feel.

I had a double-shot cappuccino at home, like most days. Then I made a double coffee in the office, just because I liked the warm feeling of a large mug of coffee on a rainy day. About half an hour later, a colleague brought Кулич (some sort of russian Easter cake), so I had to refill my then-half-empty-and-lukewarm cup to have enough hot coffee to drink together with the pastries.

My ability to write coherent sentences seems hampered already.

And my computer feels slower than usual.

Somewhere in one of my journals is a very careful note that says,

"I drank an entire cup of coffee as a hand warmer. Again."

The irony is, i get chills from reduced circulation if i drink too much coffee. Leading to desire for a hand warmer cuppa...

@feonixrift Is it the caffeine that affects your circulation? Decaf might be an option. (It seems not to have too severe effects on me, though, so I hadn't bothered yet)

Fruit tea. Decaf isn't readily available here. I'm trying to convince myself to ease off the caf again, but you wouldn't need two guesses as to what's in my hand atm.

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