Everybody talks about how capitalism is in its late stages, but why don't literally hordes with pitchforks go to the billionaires and hold them hostage? Where is the fucking revolution?

'late stage' like cancer, or so I figure. The pitchforks are always late to the party.

@feonixrift @Xjs Pitchforks? 1: Revolutions are generally not worth it for the generation starting them. “The revolution devours its children.” 2: I sincerely hope we can non-violently change our societies for the better. (What “better” means is always an open question, though.) 3: Never bring a knife to a gunfight, so don't pick a fight with somebody protected by the violence monopoly of the state (unless you're a professional and prepared to follow through, I guess). 4: What @feonixrift said.

@Steinar @Xjs re: 1,3.. these are exactly why revolutions are not the means of downfall of empires, but the scavengers picking over their already cadaverous shells before they finish crumbling.

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