I, for one, do believe there was a year 0.

I mean, have you been there? Do you believe they’d have switched from -1 directly to 1? Couldn’t make that up.

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@Xjs ? I believe the entire system of numeration was generated far later than (Gregorian calendar) year 1, which was their (Jewish calendar) year 3765 unless I'm mis-counting?

@kimreece yeah, of course, I’m just being cheeky. But the reason that’s always quoted by pedantics that decades, centuries etc. start at nominal + 1, e. g. 2021 not 2020, is exactly that the »first« year is 1 and not 0, and that the year that came before is called 1 BC. Which I find impractical, because everybody notices foremost that significant digits change in the year number, and I think that’s a far better indicator for change of relatively arbitrary intervals in everyday speech.

@Xjs It's insanely impractical, and a perfect introduction to the madness that is calendar systems, especially ancient ones, especially since they didn't all have correct length years... I'm duly entertained, just also vaguely too literal-minded after an excitable kid chasing me around all day.

@kimreece I also find it kind of funny that the birth of the actual Jesus of Nazareth, as far as historians are concerned, is supposed to have happened around 7 to 4 BC, while it is also literally the nominal starting point for the year-counting. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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