I have not been photographing and publishing photos a lot in the last years. It's time to change that. Here's a photo from the (vast) archives of unreviewed photos from the last five years.

I plan to dig archive photos out and publish them regularly from now on, until I have arrived in the present. I hope y'all'll like them!

Selfie (very blurry eye contact, one eye through large camera, partial nudity) 

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@Xjs I really like that picture it has something special. But I personally would push the editing a bit more to make it a bit more abstract. I added a gaussian blur, noise and a bit more contrast.

It reminds me of the one Henri Cartier-Bresson picture with the cyclist:

@jeena Thanks! I like your remix, too. I kind of had the feeling I should push it more, but I wasn't brave enough. To be fair, this was the original, I went quite some way already, trying out the sliders of my new photo editor… :)

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