Apple fanboyism 

It has been long since I have been this hyped for a new piece of hardware like I am right now about the new ARM Macs. I'll have to save a little but I'll definitely be getting one.

@Xjs I doubt getting one but I’m also very curious about actual performance comparisons to other machines. Right now they seem to replace the lower performance lines only. So definitely waiting for Apple Silicon in higher performance models. The keynote unfortunately didn’t unveil any relevant data.

One thing I hardly misunderstand is the fact that they removed the nearly perfect IO of the previous Mac Mini.

Don’t get the new line up at this point.


@hansvurst ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, work has me working on Windows machines and number-crunch on Google Cloud anyway, so I’d be perfectly happy with an Air for private use. Currently I have a second-hand 2017 12” MacBook because my first, first-hand one bricked itself and couldn’t be repaired, so that would just be a very nice upgrade now.

I’m very interested in what will come in the high-performance lines later, too, just out of curiosity :)

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