Can you recommend a good (but not too expensive) wireless game controller that works well with Apple devices? Bonus points if it also works with an Xbox or a Switch, but I guess that may not be possible...

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To clarify, I'm looking for controllers that pair via bluetooth, I don't want to have to stick any dongles into my devices.

@Xjs I am just guessinf but there is a USB wireless dongle for xbox 360 controllers. It works on ubuntu and Windows, so probably also on mac
The dongle costs ~10-15€

@Xjs I use the standard xbox controller and it works well with Apple and obviously with xbox.

@raphting Wirelessly via the built-in bluetooth controller? I have only managed to get my Xbox One controller working with a USB cable.

@Xjs Yes, for me it works with a Macbook Air M1 without any cables or dongles.

@raphting Cool. Gotta try this again. Did you have to install a driver or anything?

@Xjs Without any drivers. I did it recently and loaded the newest xbox controller firmware. Maybe that’s something you could try too.

@raphting Thanks, will try that. My last attempt was some time ago already.

@Xjs I bought myself an Xbox Wireless controller a few weeks ago to play games on iPad and it works like a charm over Bluetooth. But as far as I know, there two versions: The more recent isn’t supported yet.

@zeitschlag Good to know, thanks. That confirms what @raphting says and mine appear to be the older one (they don't have that dent), so I'll give it another try.

@zeitschlag Bonus points for the super professional illustration <3

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