Our coffee grinder (an Iberital Challenge that’s some eight, nine years old) is broken. (Or at least I assume it is. It doesn’t grind more than one portafilter before getting stuck and when I screw it open it smells funny.)

I’ve ordered a new one right away on Sunday, an Eureka, to which I really look forward to, but! It’s still not shipped!!

@Xjs did you get the Eureka Mignon Specialita? Because that's the one I have, and for it's price it's really really good

@jeena Yes, exactly that one. Should arrive today, I’m really looking forward. :)

@jeena I might try my bottomless portafilter again now with a decent grinder. Never used it because my old Iberital never was super consistent.

I also like the bamboo coaster you have :)

@Xjs oh yeah the bottomless is much more fun because only then you can see if you did everything right, if not, then your whole kitchen needs to be cleaned so you really want to make sure that you're doing it consistently right :D

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