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Let’s get vaccinated.

What you do in a pandemic: I just broke the world record of the Torus level in @WAHa_06x36’s MilkSnake [1].


Totally forgot to post, but the new coffee grinder arrived yesterday and works very well & feels super nice in its usage.

Here is a photo of it making friends with our trusty Miss Silvia.

It is finally snowing in Heidelberg as well. ☃️


My first attempt at making cinnamon buns (»Franzbrötchen«).

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Finally got myself an Urbandoo.

Today, I made some small amendmends to the software that powers my master's thesis, which allowed me to actually record a video of what's happening in the cellular automaton in every simulation step. (5x5 for testing, but still.) It feels so much more real now that I can watch the monomers jump around.

Food, terrible pun 

Bologenesis. (Vegan.)

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I kinda like the aesthetic.

»Only deleting code frees you from the burden of maintenance, automated testing and debugging.« -- Michael Stapelberg [1]


Das sind doch genau die Leute, von denen ich meine Bewerbungsunterlagen anschauen lassen will.

So there are reusable coffee capsules now. Bleeding-edge tech. I have one of those as well, it's made of steel, called portafilter and has been around for ages.

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