I started again with analog photography. The first roll of film is developed. Take a look!

pandemic mention 

There’s a pandemic, Swarm. I’m not going places on purpose.

One of my espadrilles, which I love to wear in the summer, has a hole in the fabric. The other one looks like a hole will develop there as well very soon.

I would like to cover it up with an aesthetic sew-on or iron-on patch. Does someone maybe have some patches? Things that would come to mind are: hacker aesthetic, antifa motives, maybe even a Barista Barista Antifascista patch?

Let me know if you happen to have some nice ones and are willing to share (I'll pay of course).

I’ve had my racing bike inspected at the local bike shop. Everything is rolling smoothly again now. Looking forward to ride!

pandemic shitpost, alcohol, German pun 

Let’s get vaccinated.

What you do in a pandemic: I just broke the world record of the Torus level in @WAHa_06x36’s MilkSnake [1].

[1] milksnake.c3.cx

Totally forgot to post, but the new coffee grinder arrived yesterday and works very well & feels super nice in its usage.

Here is a photo of it making friends with our trusty Miss Silvia.

It is finally snowing in Heidelberg as well. ☃️


My first attempt at making cinnamon buns (»Franzbrötchen«).

eye contact, covid-19 adjacent 

Finally got myself an Urbandoo.

Today, I made some small amendmends to the software that powers my master's thesis, which allowed me to actually record a video of what's happening in the cellular automaton in every simulation step. (5x5 for testing, but still.) It feels so much more real now that I can watch the monomers jump around.

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