@eishle Ich vermute, der Grund ist, daß der Zug auf der Strecke (konkret: in Frankfurt) die Richtung wechselt.

I got fed up with always misremembering the syntax of xargs, or getting the semantics of shell for loops wrong across different shells. github.com/Xjs/foreach-line

@feonixrift I rarely used gnuplot... however, I had difficult times plugging pandas and bokeh together. My best strategy was: Do all processing and whatnot with pandas (or with help from other libraries), then extract the raw data needed for the plot in simple Python data structures (Lists! Best to use nothing else I think), then plot those lists with Bokeh.

@feonixrift Coming from Matplotlib I really liked Bokeh. Pandas is very powerful, but I didn't find it really accessible either.

@elomatreb We could just use our smartphones as desktops, couldn't we?

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food question for German residents (boosts plz!) Show more

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In the holy name of Cthulhu, stop doing video tutorials!

They are useless, do not allow you to go in depth on a subject, and, unless your production values are top notch (read professional sound and image crew) will probably be horrible and a pain to watch.

If you care about a technical subject, please take the time to *write* about it and publish it on the Internet.

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Another fix would be to use 24-hour time already, despite my English lessons having taught me differently. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Current status: Looking for an iOS Unicode keyboard to fix this toot to contain a protected space between 8 and AM.

Nerding out about German grammar at 8 AM, with barely opened eyes.

@Cheatha Ja, war eher im Geiste einer automatisierten Validierung gedacht :)

@Cheatha »Vielen Dank für Ihr Angebot für 10x $PositionX. Anscheinend haben Sie uns aus Versehen auch 10x $PositionY mit draufgesetzt, das haben wir nicht bestellt.

Es fehlt uns bisher noch Ihr Angebot für 10x $PositionY«

@clacke @fribbledom Bazel does, and the contributed rules do, too. I think it's still possible to construct examples that circumvent it though. – Interesting, last time I checked (some years ago) there wasn't this much choice ;)

@clacke @fribbledom Bazel is (as far as I'm aware) the only build system that uses content-based addressing of build artefacts based on hashes of the inputs. This, among other shenanigans like sandboxing and stripping of timestamps or other side effects, makes binaries bit-by-bit identical if built from the exact same sources. (Can give a few other nice things, too, like centralised artifact caching, distributed building…)

@clacke @fribbledom We use Bazel at my company to guarantee bit-by-bit identical builds. I have already made use of this for some regulatory checks we had to undergo. (Finance sector, many think the scrutiny here is high, I have little comparison to make)

@telephant So... blue on grey is a bit hard to read. Also -- what determines the timeline font? On my (Windows) computer it's very fat.

@elomatreb I see. Und es blieb bis heute hängen. *seufz*

@elomatreb @Bobo_PK @humpaaa @mollux Echt? Warum hat sich denn dann Microsoft (?) für Backslashes entschieden? Oder haben sie die Entscheidung schon miteingekauft? Ich vermute, ich muß etwas recherchieren.

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