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My left eye is twitching occasionally. This has been going on for several days now, and it's a bit annoying.

Privately, I love to hoard data, keep everything, make sure even my oldest hard disks are archived safely, and on occasion delve into data from ten, fifteen years ago. (Sadly, I didn't make an archive from the computer I had when I was six years old, though, so there's a natural limit here.)

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@seldo Voting on the deal will enter parliamentary tradition and in 400 years schoolchildren will be explained its ceremonial role

Then again, this seems very good music for the commute, all environment noises could just have been Trent's intention.

I thought the buzzing noise was part of the Nine Inch Nails song I was listening to, but when it ended it turned out to be my headphone scratching against the side of my hanging coat.

»Paste as plain text« should be default, »paste as rich text« as the alternative reached with more modifier keys.

Quire really looks nice so far. Apparently it also has a decent offline mode. However, the connection to their servers got slow all of a sudden.

But why is this so hard? Do people actually use bloaty, slow software and are productive with it?

is looking at project management software. It's all nice and flashy, but nothing seems actually useful. I want hierarchical tasks, I don't really see the point in Kanban, I want sync across all devices and web, I want FAST and I want lightweight. Hierarchical progress indication would be nice, too. comes closest to what I want, if it were open source I'd change two, three things and selfhost.

Mein Hut, der hat drei Ecken. Lasset uns den nicht zerteilen.

My colleague was indeed a bit shocked for a moment.

Kennt jemand die Telephonnummern der DPD-Fahrer? Ich würd dem ja sogar Geld geben, wenn er nochmal umdrehen und klingeln würde.

Grmbl. Der DPD-Fahrer hat nicht daheim geklingelt und jetzt kommt man erst morgen an das Paket dran (im zwei Kilometer entfernten Paketshop), obwohl es heute noch irgendwo durch die Stadt gefahren wird und so nah ist.

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Oh my goodness I've just learned a thing about The Matrix that causes it to make a lot more sense: In the original script the humans were used as neural network compute clusters by the Machines and as a crucial component of The Matrix itself.

Which is why humans who were aware of the simulation could control aspects of The Matrix - their minds were part of its foundation.

Unfortunately the test audiences had trouble understanding this concept so the studio changed the human role to "batteries".

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