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Current example #1: I sat on the train home from work, and opened the Wi-Fi menu of my computer (an Apple brand one). It took almost half a minute until the Wi-Fi networks from home disappeared.

I think we're caching way too much.

causes so much more reactions than anything else I've posted here. I'll have to mute the tab for a while.

What happens in your head when you do 27+48?

I do 7 + 8 = 15, 20 + 40 = 60, 60 + 15 = 75.

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100% of our cameras are pointed the wrong direction!

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I'm going to see Tool live tonight.

Everybody talks about how capitalism is in its late stages, but why don't literally hordes with pitchforks go to the billionaires and hold them hostage? Where is the fucking revolution?

Das sind doch genau die Leute, von denen ich meine Bewerbungsunterlagen anschauen lassen will.

Github is telling me: »Great repository names are short and memorable. Need inspiration? How about refactored-meme?«

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[RAGE] Diskriminierung bei der Jobsuche // Würde ich eigtl. bei Twitter teilen. Aber ich suche ja noch. 

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Sehr laut sprechende Gelegenheitsreise, und der Akku der ANC-Kopfhörer hat nur mehr 10% Ladung. Wünscht mir Glück.

I got fed up with always misremembering the syntax of xargs, or getting the semantics of shell for loops wrong across different shells.

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food question for German residents (boosts plz!) 

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In the holy name of Cthulhu, stop doing video tutorials!

They are useless, do not allow you to go in depth on a subject, and, unless your production values are top notch (read professional sound and image crew) will probably be horrible and a pain to watch.

If you care about a technical subject, please take the time to *write* about it and publish it on the Internet.

Another fix would be to use 24-hour time already, despite my English lessons having taught me differently. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Current status: Looking for an iOS Unicode keyboard to fix this toot to contain a protected space between 8 and AM.

Nerding out about German grammar at 8 AM, with barely opened eyes.

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