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Wir sitzen jetzt auf so einem runden Ding rum.

Got driven to the nearest suburban train that reaches this far out into the Odenwald. Now we’re en route to Mannheim, where we’ll change to an ICE to Leipzig in over an hour.

The odyssey from family to .

Insider pun, who gets it knows what we're working on 

Verhörer des Tages: Google klaut Code (statt Google Cloud-Code)

Mord, Misogynie 

Verschreiber des Tages: Folterbubble.

»Bensheim haben Sie Anschluß Regionalbahn Worms über Lorsch« – was ist mit Deinen Präpositionen passiert, Bahnansager?

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I would like to have a project, something to do and put some time, energy and love in, on this year’s Chaos Communication Congress. Maybe some larger project where I can contribute, or just some small thing that I can work on. For ten years I’ve stroked around and never really found a place where I felt I belong.

I’m open for ideas & suggestions :) If anybody is interested, I’ll write about it as well. Let me know!

Today I took a train from Mannheim to the airport and the light rail to the city. Still earlier than if I’d taken a direct train from Heidelberg to Frankfurt, because they all have that much delay today.

I’m shutting down my Jabber server. Does anyone have objections?

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MacType causes Cygwin applications to experience random fork() failures on my machine. Took a while to find out this interaction. was useful.

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