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Politics in Germany (Thüringen) 

Ich würde die Wahl nicht annehmen, wenn ich wüßte, daß ich nur dank der Stimmen von Faschisten gewählt worden wäre.

Actually, it turned out to be 112 deletions, I forgot to stage a build file in which I could remove a now unnecessary dependency.

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»Only deleting code frees you from the burden of maintenance, automated testing and debugging.« -- Michael Stapelberg [1]


food, sportsball 

When you search for »surimi« on Giphy, you get lots of pictures about football. Does anyone have an idea why that is? I even checked the top picture and it doesn’t seem to have any tag that appears related to surimi (the meat-like substance made from fish).

Ich fahre um die Uhrzeit übrigens schon wieder Zug, weil ich mich krank fühle und aus dem Büro heimfahre. (Und bin sehr dankbar, daß das einfach okay ist und niemand es hinterfragt oder einen abfälligen Kommentar macht.)

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Gesellschaftlicher Alkoholismus 

Ich bin nicht so begeistert davon, daß der Zugchef um 11:56 durchsagt, man dürfe doch auch gern im Bordbistro neben Mittagessen und Kaffee auch ein »Bierchen« trinken.

»Aufgrund einer technischen Störung am Zug werden wir jetzt in Günzburg etwas länger halten, da wir an einem Wagen die Bremse ausschalten müssen« – es wird nie langweilig.

My phone is under the impression that the present participle of wonder is »wondring«. And the worst part of this is that I have spell checking turned off, but it got underlined in blue anyway.

I mean, have you been there? Do you believe they’d have switched from -1 directly to 1? Couldn’t make that up.

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I, for one, do believe there was a year 0.

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This beautiful black brick of glass doesn’t seem to channel my creativity very strongly.

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I didn’t do a lot, but my creative resources feel quite exhausted nonetheless. Or maybe I lack the right channels of expression?

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I would like to have a project, something to do and put some time, energy and love in, on this year’s Chaos Communication Congress. Maybe some larger project where I can contribute, or just some small thing that I can work on. For ten years I’ve stroked around and never really found a place where I felt I belong.

I’m open for ideas & suggestions :) If anybody is interested, I’ll write about it as well. Let me know!

Wir sitzen jetzt auf so einem runden Ding rum.

Got driven to the nearest suburban train that reaches this far out into the Odenwald. Now we’re en route to Mannheim, where we’ll change to an ICE to Leipzig in over an hour.

The odyssey from family to .

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