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I appear to have lots of unexpected creative time on my hands because J is studying for her exams.

Lazy saturday with coffee and crêpes. And I shall bake cinnamon buns later.

Apple software advice 

I actually was wrong. 11.2 is still vulnerable. I must have mistyped in my original check.

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Apple software advice 

You should update to macOS 11.2 as soon as possible. Although not mentioned on the product security page, this release fixes the »Baron Samedit« vulnerability, which (although not broadly published) was present in the `sudo` executable bundled with 11.1 and previous versions.


Remember when I posted photos, before my laptop broke down?

Well, I had gotten a replacement, but then I was quite caught up with my master’s thesis.

Anyway, that is done now, also I finally got my hands on an ARM-based M1 MacBook Air, which makes photo editing at least twice the fun (even though it goes through an x86 emulation layer until Skylum fixes their software).

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COVID-19 regulations, German 

Habt Ihr gute Tipps für Masken, die die neue medizinische Maskenpflicht nachweislich erfüllen (vermutlich muss das bei einer Kontrolle nachgewiesen werden können?) und für kleine Gesichter geeignet sind?

Nachdem @lohikaeaerme immer unzufrieden mit der Passform von FFP2-Masken war, fühlt sie sich mit einem XS-Urbandoo eigentlich sehr wohl – der erfüllt aber nicht die notwendigen Zertifizierungen, soweit ich das verstehe… :(

eye contact, covid-19 adjacent 

Finally got myself an Urbandoo.

To clarify, I'm looking for controllers that pair via bluetooth, I don't want to have to stick any dongles into my devices.

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Can you recommend a good (but not too expensive) wireless game controller that works well with Apple devices? Bonus points if it also works with an Xbox or a Switch, but I guess that may not be possible...

Is there a trick to get a smoother world experience? Recommended browsers? It's quite jaggy for me, somehow I would expect rendering some 2D pixel art should not saturate a 3,5 GHz CPU...

Academia, finally + 

I did it. I sent it in.

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Academia, finally + 

I have finished the draft of my master’s thesis, which is due to be submitted tomorrow.

I have been working on this (on and off, next to a full-time SWE job) for three and a half years. SO glad to be done. I haven’t fully realised my luck yet.

Some sanity checks through friends and some proofreading tomorrow, and I’ll send it in.

As I conjectured in March, I might really finally have finished my university studies in this strange year. (Given I pass.)

Ich habe gerade Löcher in die Griffe der Plastik-Messbecher gebohrt, damit sich dort in der Spülmaschine kein Wasser mehr anstaut, was nervte. (cc @luebbermann wegen des Hashtags)

No cellular reception or mobile data in Heidelberg right now. (Vodafone.) Curious.

Betriebsführungshandbuch als sokratischer Dialog. Warum eigentlich nicht?

Apple fanboyism 

It has been long since I have been this hyped for a new piece of hardware like I am right now about the new ARM Macs. I'll have to save a little but I'll definitely be getting one.

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