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German politics, snark 

Vorschlag: Wir verankern im Gesetz, dass für eine Kanzlerinnenschaft oder ein Ministerinnenamt neben dem Mindestalter auch das erfolgreiche Bestehen einer Statistikvorlesung Voraussetzung ist.

Moving on, reliving this journey from five years ago. After a few days in Paris, we travelled to Marseille.

COVID-19, indifference, - 

Today the delivery guy wore no mask. I wanted to complain about it. This was DHL’s official response.

How can they do this? I feel so helpless. What can I do about this?

Academia, + 

It's official. I got my M. Sc. diploma in the mail today. 🦾

COVID-19 vaccination, family 

What intrigues me about this, though, is where this idea of »AstraZeneca is a second-class vaccine« comes from. I assume some media perpetuated it to get some clicks.

My impression is that this idea has spread through the population quite rapidly -- like a virus. Maybe it would be wise to counteract such ideas like viruses: Trace where it originated and contain every medium that spreads it.

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COVID-19 vaccination, family 

So my moms (both <65 and in priority-2-jobs in Baden-Wurttemberg) could both get an AstraZeneca shot now. But at least one of them doesn't want it (the other didn't say) because she heard »the Biontech vaccine is the good stuff, the AstraZeneca one is second-class« and now feels she's being treated like second-class by state politics -- mainly because she always felt misrepresented by politics.

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pol. Universal Basic Income. 

The countdown is running on the European Citizens Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income.

The Corona Pandemic has shown us the cracks in the current system. Cracks through which many are slipping.

1 million signatures and quorum reached in at least 7 EU countries by 25.12.21 is the aim.

Thank you for your time.

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Weil man es viel zu selten sagt und klare Kante zeigt:

- Kein Mensch ist illegal, Refugees welcome!
- Impfen schützt!
- Homöpathie ist Placebo!
- Der Klimawandel ist real!
- Rad statt Auto!
- Esst weniger Fleisch! Danke Vegetarier und Veganer!
- Antisemitismus, Homo- und Transfeindlichkeit sind scheiße!
- Feminismus ist gut!
- Kein Fußbreit! Danke Antifa!

covid-19 adjacent autocorrect fail, German 

Autocorrect des Tages: 7-Tage-Indifferenz.

I went shopping in a T-shirt and a blazer today.

(And pants, of course.)

Totally forgot to post, but the new coffee grinder arrived yesterday and works very well & feels super nice in its usage.

Here is a photo of it making friends with our trusty Miss Silvia.

Our coffee grinder (an Iberital Challenge that’s some eight, nine years old) is broken. (Or at least I assume it is. It doesn’t grind more than one portafilter before getting stuck and when I screw it open it smells funny.)

I’ve ordered a new one right away on Sunday, an Eureka, to which I really look forward to, but! It’s still not shipped!!

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⚠ Suche Wohnung: Bin viel im Wohnmobil (außer während Corona 🙄) & brauch ne „Homebase“ mit ≥20m², Dusche, Strom und Stellplatz daneben, an dem das Womo permanent am Strom hängen kann, z.B. als Untermieter in Einfamilienhaus mit Grundstück? Max. 300€ warm. RT=🥰 (Thread, 1/4)

academia, ++ 

I appear to have passed my Master's (with surprisingly good marks). Finally.

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Seems notifications are back! @Xjs managed to wrangle Heroku back under control, so massive thanks to him for fixing this!

You may get some outdated notifications for a while as the notification queues on various servers re-try sending old failed notifications.

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Or is it because I learned to read and write so early in my life (with 2 or 3 years) that I have a much stronger affinity to written communication than most?

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Is this a generational thing? Am I too young to have internalized that this is the way we communicate in corporate hell? Does my parents' generation have phone sceptics like me (doubtful, since they had no real alternatives that were quite as quick)?

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