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Hallohallo Community! Aus Gründen bin ich auf der Suche nach Leuten, die sich mit dem Themenkomplex Gründung vom Gemeinschaftsprojekten auskennen. Rechtsform erstmal egal, wir loten verschiedene Optionen aus und sind noch nicht festgelegt. Es geht um die Bereiche Kreativität, Dinge gemeinsam (aber ohne Gruppenzwang) machen, Dinge lernen. Ich suche nach Erfahrungen zu Gruppendynamiken, Rechtsformen, Immobiliensuche, Finanzierung, evtl. Förderung - also fast allem. :)

Schreibt mir! 💖 :boost_ok:

This feels similar to small events vs. big events (for those of you who still remember events). It's much easier, at least for me, to connect with people on a small event, with maybe some tens or hundreds of attendants, than a large one with tens of thousands.

Plus large events always have shitty infrastructure and fewer careful details, nice things usually don't scale.

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I browsed Flickr a bit and faved and commented on a few pictures, as you do.

Somehow, there is so much content and it's so random. It's all just noise. If I write a comment on a picture, it will be just noise. How do we still make connections?

Hashtags containing typos. Gotta love ‘em.

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Let's try this, my Arch broke down and won't boot. I'm in #Bungang close to #Pangyo and #Soul and need a Live #Ubuntu USB stick to be able to repair it. Can someone help me get one to here? #followerpower #help #fsf #asia #OpenSource

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Let’s get vaccinated.

Today is . One of my moms is trans, which I learned when I was 23.

She wrote a book about her story (in German; link goes directly to an article about it on the publisher’s website).

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That trip I keep posting photos of, it wouldn't have been the same at all with my beloved @lohikaeaerme, as seen here.

I hope it is not too long until we can discover beautiful places together again.

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Quarterfinals, Match 3 of the 3rd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2021

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Aber sind am Ende nicht eigentlich die Ministerpräsidentinnen verantwortlich, weil sie im Bundesrat alles blockieren könnten?

What you do in a pandemic: I just broke the world record of the Torus level in @WAHa_06x36’s MilkSnake [1].


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Vorschlag: Wir verankern im Gesetz, dass für eine Kanzlerinnenschaft oder ein Ministerinnenamt neben dem Mindestalter auch das erfolgreiche Bestehen einer Statistikvorlesung Voraussetzung ist.

Moving on, reliving this journey from five years ago. After a few days in Paris, we travelled to Marseille.

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Today the delivery guy wore no mask. I wanted to complain about it. This was DHL’s official response.

How can they do this? I feel so helpless. What can I do about this?

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It's official. I got my M. Sc. diploma in the mail today. 🦾

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What intrigues me about this, though, is where this idea of »AstraZeneca is a second-class vaccine« comes from. I assume some media perpetuated it to get some clicks.

My impression is that this idea has spread through the population quite rapidly -- like a virus. Maybe it would be wise to counteract such ideas like viruses: Trace where it originated and contain every medium that spreads it.

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