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pandemic mention, music recommendation 

I liked this album before the pandemic, but now I like it even more:

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Curious local politics, Germany 

Which I think is very good. I already wondered whether I should write an angry letter to the mayor.

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Curious local politics, Germany 

The 104-year old person in may apparently sit on their folding chair and enjoy their glass of wine on the street again with their friends. Apparently the public order office has changed their minds.

COVID-19 vaccine shitpost, former Microsoft CEO mention 

Steve Ballmer jumping across the stage clapping, but instead of »Developers, developers, developers« he shouts »Get vaccinated, vaccinated, vaccinated«.

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Bekomme gerade diese Mail: „Kennst Du Leute, die es heute bis 17:45 nach Münzenberg schaffen und mit Biontech geimpft werden wollen?“

Kenne ich?

(Das ist in Hessen, Wetteraukreis.)

Advertising, death 

WTF moment of the day: Saw an ad for »longer life with cryonics, now available in your country«.

Bonus WTF points for the cute German Fachwerkhaus-Altstadt they used as backdrop.

COVID-19 vaccination 

I read multiple times now that in many places vaccine demand is decreasing. Personally, I know nobody (except kids) who hasn’t at least gotten their first shot by now. Yet we’re only at 55%. Where are all those unvaccinated people?

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Windows 10 running Ubuntu 21.04 running Windows 7 running Mac OS 8.5 running Windows 95

Today I wrote an e-mail to all 591 employees of my company because my favourite cup is missing from the office after I hadn’t been there for eight months. I’m not sorry.

I will be going to the office for the first time in almost a year.

Getting up three hours earlier than usual means I should have adjusted the coffee maker’s turn-on timer.

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Woah, TIL that there are so-called fractal vises for clamping irregularly shaped items! (The picture doesn't explain it very well, you have to watch it in motion! It's in the first 30 seconds of the video:)

What does the bass line of Billie Eilish's »bad guy« remind me of?

I always have this WTF moment when I look at my calendar on Wednesdays.

pandemic shitpost 

The test is negative, the beach it is.

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pandemic shitpost 

What will the weekend be: quarantine or the beach? I'll know in 15 minutes.

I'm really thankful for my ARM-based hardware these days. Stays cool even though it's warm outside.

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