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pandemic mention 

There’s a pandemic, Swarm. I’m not going places on purpose.

Das Wetter war fabelhaft, zeitweise habe ich Mantel und Schal ausgezogen. Es war unglaublich klar, wenn ich mich nicht täusche, konnte man die 70 km entfernten Berge des Pfälzerwalds sehen.

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Ich habe das Jahr mit einem Espresso Macchiato und einer Flasche Club-Mate eingeläutet.

2022 will ich (wieder) mehr (öffentlich) schreiben. Ich fange mal hier an.

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Infosec friends: Has anyone successfully run a bug bounty program for a *small* company before? The big platforms appear to be prohibitively expensive while not using a platform requires us to handle the taxation nightmare of paying money to strangers. Is there no middle ground? :boost_ok:

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Looks like I'm going to Münich for my next post-doc. If anyone has any Germany-related tips, lmk!

(boosts welcome)

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Impfaktion Karlsruhe 29.12. 

Wer sich noch dieses Jahr in Karlsruhe impfen lassen möchte, hat am Mittwoch (29.12.) im AKK (auf dem Campus Süd des Karlsruher Institut für Technolgie KIT) dazu noch die Möglichkeit. Nur nach vorheriger Anmeldung.

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Apparently Safari has a problem with cross-origin web requests, it says »Cross-origin redirection to denied by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy: Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.«. VLC works.

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opening yields an unknown error for me. would be the correct link, wouldn't it?

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The software they use to classify new covid variants has an unnecessarily good and cute logo

COVID-19 vaccination action, Heidelberg 

If anybody needs some more vaccines, the halle02 nightclub in has a big event coming up:

(Boosts appreciated!)

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TFW none of your servers run Java applications 😌

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Das ist so eine super Geheiminformation! An alle, die sich nicht impfen lassen wollen, der beste Trick um an ein Impfzertifikat zu kommen also schnell schnell Termin machen im nächsten Impfzentren und bitte diese Info teilen damit die Regierung das nicht länger verschweigen kann!!!

Also, I totally missed that the presale for started over half an hour ago, and was alread anxious not to get tickets, but it worked butter smooth, including payment via Apple Pay.

I got nerd-sniped to participate in Advent of Code 2021 after all. Find my solutions on, and I'm happy for feedback should you be intrigued to give some.

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Do I know somebody that knows somebody who works on YouTube for iOS? Really annoyed about it stealing the system's AVAudioSession while previewing a muted video. Please .mixWithOthers when you are playing muted video.

COVID-19 vaccine, + 


Sars-CoV-2 variant shitpost, German pun 

Och ny.

COVID-19 vaccination, Heidelberg still has free slots on November 30, and despite the website not mentioning it they also do boosters. For everybody around Heidelberg or willing to come here for the shot.

(Repost with tag for better reach)

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