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This is a good find. Massive amounts of GitHub repos have fake pull requests to insert code that sends environment variables to attacker server (myjino.ru VPS box) and attempts RCE. twitter.com/stephenlacy/status

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Thank you so much! :) I really like it!

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The first henna on the day 4 in Wilson Field :)

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There are so many interesting things to do and learn about, yet only one lifetime to spend. Can be a bit disheartening at times. But I'd rather have too many cool things to learn about, than run out of interesting stuff.

Nice example of how AI can rapidly accelerate workflows. AI can't do the creative part that well, but it provides tools for humans to do extremely efficient exploration of ideas. Human+Computer > Human > Computer

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Excited to tease the browser-based, A.I. studio that i've been building with some incredible collaborators:

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Can someone please replace the background music with some acid house?

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Unlike other weeding technologies, this robot utilizes high-power lasers to eradicate weeds, without disturbing the soil... And, avoiding the use of herbicides!

By Carbon Robotics
via @pascal_bornet@twitter.com

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I'd love to have a system for reusable packaging for postal deliveries. Just some sturdy plastic boxes that can be reused > 100x. You pay a deposit for the box when ordering. When you return it, you get it back.
Also normed sizes for boxes could improve automation in delivery.

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Happy ! Heute werden wieder Werke gemeinfrei und die Kulturallmende wird noch reicher! In der EU gehen Werke in die Public Domain über, deren Autor*innen 1951 gestorben sind (in anderen Juristriktionen ist das möglicherweise anders).

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Es gibt jetzt bei der Bahn die Möglichkeit der Sofortstornierung von Online gekauften Tickets (einschl. Supersparpreis) innerhalb von 12h 🙌🙌🙌

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Krasser Shit. Instagram schickt nach Hause: die Geokoordinaten des Nutzers, die WLANs in Reichweite, die Bluetooth-Beacons von Telefonen anderer Menschen in der Nähe. twitter.com/mame82/status/1464

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A Covid-19 testing firm is being investigated by the UK’s data watchdog over its plans to store swabs containing customers’ DNA and sell them for medical research

ExpressTest has 71 walk-in sites in the UK & has done millions of tests

thetimes.co.uk/article/testing @GeorgeGreenwood@twitter.com

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This thread is a real treasure trove

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Design ∩ Code Systems: Curating a thread on a topic I’m really interested in. Tools that blur the line between designing and engineering. Hope you find something inspiring here: patternatlas.com/v0/models-of-

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Seven years ago today I walked out of the hospital after surviving Ebola.

That day at a news conference—my knees shaking—I begged the world to focus on the still-raging outbreak in West Africa. Instead, when the immediate threat was over, we moved on.

Years later, Covid hit 🧵

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Was mache ich eigentlich, wenn ich immer öfter traurig bin? Und sich alles grau anfühlt?

In unserem Maus-Spezial "Die unsichtbare Krankheit" sprechen wir über psychische Gesundheit - und wie Hilfe aussehen kann, wenn man es alleine nicht mehr schafft.

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Weil ich das gerade zu den Koalitionsverhandlungen nicht oft genug sagen kann:
Die Digitalisierung der Verwaltung wird so lange scheitern, solange wir nicht konsequent Wissen und Projekte internalisieren.
Digitalisierung ist nichts was man bei McKinsey oder Capgemini bestellt.

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Wir bei @zerforschung@twitter.com haben uns in den letzten Wochen Schulapps angeschaut. Und dabei natürlich mal wieder massiven Datenabflüsse gefunden.
Im ersten Fall hunderttausende Schülerdatensätze mit allem. Von der Geoposition bis zum Persönlichkeitstest.🔥


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Algorithms and AI will reinforce exclusion and discrimination against queer people unless we build power and fight back. twitter.com/zackwhittaker/stat

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Die Zertifikate sind echt, die "Fakten" auf deren Grundlage sie erstellt werden sind es nicht.

Das wird noch übel für die Apotheken Ketten, wenn deren Zertifikate alle zurückgezogen werden.

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Facebook should not be critical infrastructure

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I ask all the time but please if there is one thing you do this week, this month, help public facing work come OFF Facebook and onto blogs and websites
Having to use FB just to participate in a club or get info on taxes is what drives more folk into FB misinfo twitter.com/60Minutes/status/1

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