has anyone figured out gender neutral pronouns in german yet or is mumbling the phonological half-way point between the two gender pronouns still the best solution

hao 2 b glaceon 

be tol & not smol

mushroom ketchup?

which is better bicycle

@a_breakin_glass Totally understand, though. It would be one thing if it were being a nanite cluster where, like, you're an 80s home computer, all yours and all on your side even if it's kind of dodgy.

have you ever heard the phrase "couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery" before?

which is better

me: generally sympathetic to criticisms of technology

also me: hey,,,I really,, wish I was a shape-shifting pile of nano-/femto-/whatever-technology

how to pluralise 'forum'

which is better?

which is a better name

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