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Snark about the pressure to have children 

i am apolitical! i dont get involved in politics! it aint my scene! i am a bumbling fucking imbecile! i am so fucking clueless! i am ignorance on legs! and this allows me to discern exactly what it is thats going on here

this feels like a joke

tired: making sure to properly encapsulate user provided data
wired: if echo $DATA | grep '^[a-zA-Z0-9]+$'; then give_search_results; else echo 'BEGONE HACKER' && alert_police; fi

@rdh maybe they saw a 15 year old blog post about SQL injection and are now scrambling to protect against it

30 years ago we had David Bacon, American film actor, David Bacon, bishop of Portland, Maine, and David Bacon, missionary and explorer who founded Tallmadge, Ohio. Now we have no Bacon, no Bacon, and no Bacon. Please don't let David Bacon, American photojournalist and author, die!

30 years ago we had Francis Bacon, Peggy Bacon, and Edmund Bacon. Now we have no Bacon, no Bacon, and no Bacon. Please don't let Kevin Bacon die!

@tootapp @NINfan imagine if somebody used the Gab server code and actually made a leftist instance with it, that was ACTUALLY leftist and not fake leftist

tired: ed is the standard text editor
wired: sed is the standard text editor

ah cool the new trend on tumblr is "liking astrology makes you a cryptoterf and also terfs are literally insane for thinking astrology is good"

@ichii Remember that both Facebook and Twitter are American companies and that America is in an economical war against China.

While I do believe that China is spreading missinformation (because they are the kind of country that they are), I don't recommend taking everything Twitter or Facebook says too seriously because they also have their motivation to do so.

It is probably missing an ingredient for them to legally call it soap.

If Halo Infinite doesn't come with a bunch of game modding tools, I'll be sorely disappointed

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