@a_breakin_glass great!
Yeah me too. I wake up early to study and I did and I just was playing videogames. The day goes good so far :)

@a_breakin_glass thanks :blobcatcoffee:

Well, I still using steam :blobpats: so these days I saw a new game, still in beta, a battle royale and its name is "Realm royale"

@a_breakin_glass which book?

(Is it correct to use "which" in this context? Sorry)

@nosocialperson yes it is

Pearl: a new verse translation, translated by Marie Borroff

@a_breakin_glass thank you :blobcatcoffee:

Oh, I just searched it on the internet and the description seems pretty interesting "a master piece" it said, wow.

That's a good idea, I think that I'll try to read. I lend a book from the library yesterday:

@nosocialperson it's a translation of a Middle English poem, so it's relatively short (the poem itself is only 31 pages)

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