data mining algorithm hellscape 

Here is a cautionary tale of throwing data mining and algorithms at a problem with good intentions but terrible consequences

Algorithms are damaging society...surely smart people can see that more algorithms aren't the solution to fixing all our problems.

Hey Apple..are you paying attention? You are not immune to such unintended consequences.

data mining algorithm hellscape 

@msh how on earth did they manage to mix up the human and vet prescription data like that?

Although human and vet prescriptions *are* similar and are often generated by almost the same computer systems, there is a species identifier for vet prescriptions; absent for human ones - easy enough to check for that (unless there is so little trust in USA they are even suspecting the doggos' meds are being diverted)


data mining algorithm hellscape 

@vfrmedia @msh I would hardly be surprised if they did suspect that tbh

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data mining algorithm hellscape 

@vfrmedia @msh like "overly suspicious reading of innocent data" seems to be par for the course with this, so...

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