Can we please agree not to call apples "oranges" just because we like how "oranges" sound, and we also happen to like apples?

These are different kinds of fruit, and calling one using the name for the other is simply misleading.

Same with "anti-capitalist licenses" being called "open-source licenses".

They're not. They're different. The difference matters - if it didn't, there would be no reason not to use open-source licenses!

@bookwyrm is not "open source" (doesn't mean bad!):

@rysiek @bookwyrm >not "open source" is? Unless those quotation marks change the meaning significantly in a way that I'm unaware of.
That project definitely doesn't seem to be *free*, though.

@vyivel @bookwyrm it is not open-source software. Open-source software has a very clear definition: software available on one of the licenses that are OSI-approved.

Bookwyrm's license is *not* OSI-approved.

Again, that doesn't necessarily mean it's "bad". But it does, in fact, mean it's not open-source.

@rysiek @vyivel @bookwyrm open source, to me, means that source code is, well, openly available..

@dhfir @vyivel @bookwyrm and this is exactly the same argument that Microsoft and plenty of random techbro startups were making about their own "source-available" licenses, of which there were plenty (each worse than the previous one).

Either terms have meaning, or they don't. If they don't, we cannot communicate. If they do, then Bookwyrm is not open-source.

And yet again, this is not a value-judgement on Bookwyrm. We just need to have clarity when we discuss complicated stuff like software licensing.

@rysiek @vyivel @bookwyrm foss has the f in it specifically to distinguish FREE open source software from nonfree open source software.

@dhfir @vyivel @rysiek @bookwyrm not to distinguish copyleft and non-copyleft open source from 'shared source'


@dhfir @vyivel @rysiek @bookwyrm "Open source doesn't just mean access to the source code"

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