Imagine would allow you to pick a version. This bites me every other week.

Getting away from AWS is far harder, but I‘m migrating stuff away more and more.

I haven‘t bought a single thing on Amazon since January 2019 and I don‘t even miss it. It‘s not hard, you find ways around it.

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vim: copying text is called yanking
emacs: pasting text is called yanking
everyone else: nothing is called yanking oh my god

How to sell drug online (fast): 8/10.
I love the amount of detail and the overall quality, I guess the story is more for younger people though.

I will 💯 watch future seasons.

Go Proposal: Try Builtin —

Only drawback are the named results, but I like it far better than the handle/check proposal

My current home screen, May 2019 edition. Blogpost about OF3 coming up soon 👀

Trying out, looks like a solid Mastodon client for macOS. 👏🏼

Problem is that if I'm deleting those apps (which is the alternative), I'll either miss some tweets/toots or I'll install the Mac client which is even worse.

I hope iOS 13 will get more fine-grained control over screen time.
For example, if I want to have access to Twitter, Mastodon and Mail only one specific hour of the day (to prevent constant checking for 2 tweets).

Overcast for macOS would be great though. 🤔

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"Don't talk unless you can improve the silence"

-- Jorge Luis Borges

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Re:’s role in decentralization @Gargron

I cannot help but bring up one solution that would be very effective here on a variety of levels: finishing the account migration feature so it maintains followers in the move.

I think this would dramatically lower the barrier to changing instances, the anxiety of losing existing relationships, moving between communities when interests change, and more.

Please, #MastodonDev. I think we really need this feature.

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Can someone please stop me from writing a go web framework? There are enough already!

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