Problem is that if I'm deleting those apps (which is the alternative), I'll either miss some tweets/toots or I'll install the Mac client which is even worse.

I hope iOS 13 will get more fine-grained control over screen time.
For example, if I want to have access to Twitter, Mastodon and Mail only one specific hour of the day (to prevent constant checking for 2 tweets).

Overcast for macOS would be great though. 🤔

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"Don't talk unless you can improve the silence"

-- Jorge Luis Borges

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Re:’s role in decentralization @Gargron

I cannot help but bring up one solution that would be very effective here on a variety of levels: finishing the account migration feature so it maintains followers in the move.

I think this would dramatically lower the barrier to changing instances, the anxiety of losing existing relationships, moving between communities when interests change, and more.

Please, #MastodonDev. I think we really need this feature.

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Can someone please stop me from writing a go web framework? There are enough already!

The most important setting on new Macs:

Turn on "three finger drag" for your Force Touch trackpad —

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we live in a world where the two following things are true at the same time:

- the current industry standard way to find out if someone is a human or a machine is to see if they know what a stop sign is

- self-driving cars exist

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As relevant as ever:

"The events of 1933-1945 should have been fought no later than 1928. Later it was too late. One must not wait until the struggle for freedom is called treason. One must not wait until the snowball has become an avalanche. You have to crush the rolling snowball. No one stops the avalanche."

-- Erich Kästner

Got a bit of vacation between jobs and instead of taking a break, I'm figuring out how to do 2.0 with in an elegant way.

My subconscious is a far better software engineer than I am.

5-star rating systems are useless, because people only rate things if they love them or hate them. This leads to a characteristic 'J-curve'


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