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Oh I forgot: There are service where you are required to use their web chat to cancel. The person on the other side never took less than 5mins to answer, so I had to wait 30min and check the chat every now and then.

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Mixpanel has buttons for deletion (props), but I need to delete the project (that they created for me) first, which takes two days. So I have to remember to delete my account in two days. Why!?

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It's so exhausting. Please please please make it easy to delete an account.

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Best thing I encountered yet: Needed to open a support ticket, after 4 emails back and forth I was told to go to their GDPR form and submit that. But conveniently submitting that form always failed. 🙄

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I guess having to open a support ticket is kinda standard these days (which is sad enough). But having to download an app only to delete the account?

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I'm getting rid of accounts I no longer need in my password manager. There is _so_ much asshole design in account deletion (thread).

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Wir haben uns in Episode 21 aus der Side Project Corner entfernt und einfach eine ganze Folge zu unseren bisherigen Side Projects gemacht.


I don’t even know what to say other than you should definitely not use their products.

Facebook Says It Won’t Back Down From Allowing Lies in Political Ads — nytimes.com/2020/01/09/technol

What a quote from Isaac Asimov in today’s @DenseDiscovery@twitter.com:

I have no words.

„Polyglot Front-End Solution for running multiple frameworks as one“ — github.com/eavichay/microfront

I hate merge conflicts with a passion.

I‘m using DuckDuckGo for over a year now exclusively and I got no regrets. Interesting article.

I ditched Google for DuckDuckGo. Here’s why you should too — wired.co.uk/article/duckduckgo

It‘s in a Deref trait implementation for a custom connection type, getting a `diesel::PgConnection` from an r2d2::PooledConnection<r2d2::ConnectionManager<diesel::PgConnection>>>` if anyone cares.

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Things you’ll only write in Rust: `&***&self.0` ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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