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> QuickCheck is a way to do property based testing using randomly generated input.

Super easy fuzzing in Rust 🦀:

Going from Rust to Typescript is a lot harder than other language transitions.

Just watched Yesterday, the movie. Great idea, sadly lacked everything else, ★★☆☆☆.

But at least I know what I‘m gonna listen to for the rest of the week.

And I‘d much rather have the compiler shout at me than angry people because of a nil-pointer or whatever.

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I love Go and I still think it‘s the best choice for most projects (due to its simplicity). But everyone I use Rust, I‘m delighted by the language design.

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I started writing a side project in Rust and it‘s been great so far. Compile-time templates, macros and the borrow-system are doing their part.

This is a great read. I do the same when facing complex problems.

The Myth and Magic of Generating New Ideas —

I love the Rust programming language, but it’s basically:

1. Write code
2. Fight the compiler until one of us gives up

Nice to see Mastodon on BBC, hopefully this will get it even more traction.

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A number of Indian Twitter users, including "influencers", are leaving the social media network for a little known alternative called Mastodon —

It’s super expensive, but it may replace my car on some occasions, which I like.

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Somehow I watched way too many OneWheel videos and now I badly want one even though I have 0 commute.

It‘s stuff like this that always make me want to evaluate emacs as a code editor:

I’m terrible at buying Christmas presents. It’s just too hard.

El Camino ★★★★☆

Loved the vibe, but I constantly felt like missing something (maybe I did?).

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