Mit sorfortiger Wirkung haben wir einen DSL-Anschluss! :yayblob: :yayblob: :yayblob:
Bye-Bye Eichhörnchenröster!

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We are not using nor at @acmelabs. Our admins have set up repositories for us and our projects. I'm currently still using but will move over my projects once we have our project sites up (we are still not 100% sure how those are going to look yet ^^)

Heute bei @acmelabs : Freundschaft und Kuchen mit “My little Scythe”

Wir haben auf der Webseite von @acmelabs noch ein paar Bugs bzgl. Geschlechtergerechter Sprache gefixed, auf die wir beim 35c3 aufmerksam gemacht wurden.

Back the the @acmelabs assembly. Watch out for the badly crafted BSD lamp on our table to find us! Yes, we have stickers!,3

Hey, folks at since our @acmelabs assembly has become so large you can find our assembly here,,3 we will expand to the other table ( once we run out of space ^^.

If you are looking for us, we are currently sitting at the @acmelabs assembly at the next table because there's a bit more light there ^^.

Apparently there has been a glitch in the wiki. Now @acmelabs has a big assembly for just a couple of people. I think we should not have a problem to host a couple more people now at ^^ \o/ 3CNav currently seems to be down, we are pretty close the the Chaos West stage.

Arrived in Leipzig and brought the and stickers with me to get yours at the @acmelabs Assembly :3

Okay we totally died in „Mansions of Madness“ and are now moving on to „Time Stories“ @acmelabs

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