Rant: If you want to report a bug in Debian and do it the recommended way, which is using the tool `reportbug`, either you have to have a local MTA or you have to use a remote SMTP server. I guess that's a great way to get users not to report their bugs in 2019.

Full ack. Kept me from reporting bugs at least 2 times...

@adi doesn't reportbug use as an SMTP by default these days? (you still need to be on a network that allows outgoing SMTP/submission, but that's better than requiring an MTA)

@zhenech yes, you're right. I should have read the setup question to the end, then I would have noticed that you can leave the smtp host empty. Sorry Debian 🙂

@adi yeha, but please don't read the source of reportbug, it's not nice if you answer that question with "no, I don't have an MTA" ;)

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