We fixed it with duct tape.

If you disagree with something or someone, please seek a dialogue, the other party might have a different view on the subject. Vandalism is NOT ok.

@adi no, you cannot be serious. In order to cover it you did reproduce that very pattern, bending on their gory vandalism. Checkmate ones-reckoning-national-flags-as-sheer-unpolitical-semiosis!
Moreover, any cross sprouts as a symbol of a once vandalist act! Ask Christ!

@adi Because I can't identify myself with this flag and dialogue was met with shouting and hostility I feel no longer welcome in the "Switzerland" tent.

@hellerbarde Apparently the flag now hangs outside out of sheer spite because it was vandalized and we can no longer talk about why the flag and the nationalism it represents is bad.

@glow @adi What seems to be the problem with the Swiss flag? Well, if you endorse , you better do leave, that's for sure.

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