Thunderbird, best e-mail encryption software in the world. 😞

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@adi I don't know if it is of any help for you, but if you want to migrate your old Enigmail keystore into the new Thundebird GPG setup, Enigmail offers you a migration assistant. I ran into the same error message as you and managed to migrate my data using the assistant. It takes a while to complete, but it works.

The error message is a shame, nevertheless.

@adi Not anymore. The integrated PGP support sadly doesn't support many advanced key uses (like removing the key signing subkey)

@adi I switched to . And guess what. Now I am struggling with this lame & ressource mongering crap.

That's like working one a year on a construction site for a week or two, just to remember yourself how nice your office job is.

@hieronymus I really loved KMail in the time before Akonadi. Then I switched to Thunderbird.

I used to use the KDE PIM thing but eventually got so annoyed that I switched to mutt. I spent two weeks configuring the thing and have never looked back since. That was 6 years ago.

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