@Toasterson @glow Yes, gofmt is great, I really like it since I first saw it some years ago, there is only one way to format your code, which is the one from gofmt, end of discussion :-D Rust has rustfmt, I think they stole the idea from go.

For C I usually use clang-format, with some bike-shedding about its configuration :-/

Which IDE are you using?

@Toasterson @glow

If you use tabs, users will copy them from terminals or web sites where they have been converted to spaces and paste them somewhere else in your code.

If you indent with tabs and then you want do a line continuation indent up to the opening bracket you have to use the right amount of tabs and spaces. Good luck with explaining that to all your contributors

@Toasterson @glow in theory yes, but in practice you will use two dozens other tools beside your IDE, like diff tools, merge tools and other version control tools, compilers, debuggers, linters, static code analysis tools, ... and only few of them will allow configuration of the tab width.

Only speaking of your current tool set, there might be other people and other tools involved in the project in the future.

@glow You haven't even considered unicode non-ascii whitespace characters!

*points modded nerf at @glow* are you sure?

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🤟 Rammstein obviously used an analog Pocket Operator Modular 400 synthesizer for their latest song! #teenageengineering #pocketoperator #rammstein #cosin

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@vimja @Venty Es git zwei Lori's Mate, s'roasted findi no guet, s'andere findi eher chli langwiilig. Es git beidi bim Inter Comestibles.

Also wenn etwas den Besen berührt, muss man die Passagiere anders laden?

nth_back being stabilized sounds cool. I will look into the specializations after I come home from vacation and I will still have some days off :-) Thanks for your support.

@zap Wie funktionieren diese Abstandshalter? Ich frage mich schon lange für was diese Besen gut sind.

Lieber Gruss aus dem Zug von Bar nach Beograd 🙂

@draemmli @vimja The design is different but the movement is the same.

Swiss clock at the railway station in Split, Croatia. 😃

I just got my HiFive1 Rev B. Now can play around with Zephyr and/or something in Rust on that Arduino compatible board with an open instruction set RISC-V MCU. 😃

Oh, wow, looks good to me. The implementation would get simpler and easier to understand if the error result returned the steps in between instead of the remaining steps, but you should go for the interface which is the most useful to the user, which is probably the one you have now.

I really like the idea of try_nth, which is basically just the Result version of nth's Option 😎. Will you try to get it stabilized?

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