@glow But that would be a fun project. Measure the frequency response when your door is open and also when the door is closed. With some arcane magic[1] calculate the filter which is need to be applied to former in order to get latter. And then install a mechanical switch that enables the filter at your audio source as soon as you open the door, assuming the system is linear your neighbor won't hear a difference ;-)

[1] It has been a while since my signal and system theory classes ...

@glow Take care to switch exactly at the point you're opening the door, else it may be noticeable.

@timvermeulen Thank you for the investigation, I agree, we'd better skip the Range trait for now.

Yesterday I updated my original issue and added a task list. Feel free to implement some of those specializations: github.com/rust-lang/rust/issu

@timvermeulen Thanks 😊 I'm stuck with a design decision and I don't want to implement just something without proper integration. I wrote down my thoughts in this commit message github.com/koalatux/rust/commi maybe you can give me some input there?
The next steps for me will be editing the ticket and insert a todo list of implementations (I already have it available) and then continue with an implementation of an easier trait.

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In #KDEApps1904, Okular gets support to show and verify digital signatures on PDFs. This feature is essential to use KDE's document viewer for business or if you need to exchange documents in any official capacity... like when negotiating international peace treaties.


@humpaaa Ja, die Erde ist nur 99.7% Kugel, weil 0.3% Abplattung an den Polen 😃

I just discovered this sticker on my way home. This is an insult to science.

People saying such things should stop using their smartphones, computers and every other technology made possible by hard working scientists. I want to see them live without cars, electricity and modern medicine.

@Venty hani gseh, alli Liechtsignal sind dunkel gsii :-D

Ich bin wütend, weil die E-Mail-Ausdrucker heute unser Internet kaputt gemacht haben. :-(

@vimja, @draemmli, @glow und vielen weiteren in Zürich gegen Art. 13 am Demonstrieren.

@vimja Logisch, chunsch nacher zu üs in Space?

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it occurs to me that what in IT we call "security" in most other engineering disciplines would be called "basic safety engineering", or even, "material science"

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Wenn man sich in seiner Filterblase so umschaut, dann könnte man fast meinen, die sind schon abgeschmettert. Aber denken wir daran: ein Erfolg ist alles andere als gewiss! Daher am Samstag auf die Straße und .

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