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omg, ich hatte noch gar nicht mitbekommen, dass das POC musikalisch zugeschlagen hat 🤣

Da die Koubachi-Server bald abgestellt werden, habe ich ein Projekt begonnen, um die Koubachi-Sensoren mit einem eigenen Server zu betreiben und die Messdaten des Pflanzensensors über MQTT oä. weiterzureichen. Der gerätespezifische Teil habe ich fertig, mir fehlt noch die Anbindung an diverse Heimautomatisierserver und brauche dazu eure Hilfe. Was würdet ihr gerne unterstützt haben?

Wer noch keinen Koubachi-Sensor hat und gerne einen möchte schreibe mir bitte eine PN :)

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The mine cart at the crossing 'Royal Raceway' and 'Kalimari Desert' is playing great music all day long. It is severely underappreciated. Let's meet and have a party to appreciate the great sound and the amazing, sticker powered, map.


Rant: If you want to report a bug in Debian and do it the recommended way, which is using the tool `reportbug`, either you have to have a local MTA or you have to use a remote SMTP server. I guess that's a great way to get users not to report their bugs in 2019.

Apparently you can't have a desktop with security support in Buster 😞

According to qtwebkit and khtml engines are not covered by security support. But these engines are not just used by niche web browsers, these libraries are used all over the place in the KDE desktop, for rendering HTML E-Mails, instant messages, help pages, previews in the file browser and sometimes even web link previews ...

Does anybody have an idea on how to improve this situation?

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🤟 Rammstein obviously used an analog Pocket Operator Modular 400 synthesizer for their latest song! #teenageengineering #pocketoperator #rammstein #cosin

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Swiss clock at the railway station in Split, Croatia. 😃

I just got my HiFive1 Rev B. Now can play around with Zephyr and/or something in Rust on that Arduino compatible board with an open instruction set RISC-V MCU. 😃

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The new version of KDE's browser integration extension lets you play, pause and control video and audio playing in your web browser from your Plasma desktop, be it a kitten video on YouTube, a nature program on Netflix, or an art-house movie on Vimeo.

This also means it is integrated with your phone through KDE Connect. Check it out: if your phone rings, your YouTube video pauses while you take the call!

For Firefox:

@vimja, @draemmli, @glow und vielen weiteren in Zürich gegen Art. 13 am Demonstrieren.

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it occurs to me that what in IT we call "security" in most other engineering disciplines would be called "basic safety engineering", or even, "material science"

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