We're also gearing up to release 1.12.0 soon too.

Of particular interest to fediverse users is that the examples for the Python bindings includes scripts for searching and retrieving public keys from ProtonMail's new keyserver with just the username (it checks their domains as variants).

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I'm definitely sure that in my language class in high school, we had an army interpreter/translator come to ostensibly give a seminar about real-world applications of learning a language, and it ended up being an hour-long propaganda recruitment spiel.

I remember thinking the army sounded pretty sweet, and wondering if I, too, could get a non-combat job and enjoy all of the amazing perks.

Kids, don't implicitly trust adults. Most of them aren't looking out for you.

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Hey y'all, happy Friday!

Treat yourself any way you can today. πŸ’–

Also, both the official included org-mode HOWTO and the unofficial draft version of it reflect this.

For the unofficial draft version, check here:


There will be an SSL error due to that being an AWS S3 bucket. Otherwise drop it back to HTTP.
Metrics generated from the DITA XML source are available here:


The Project bindings for work just fine with Python 3.7.0.

@meejah currently GPGME doesn't implement any of the dirmngr stuff directly (though it does hook into libassuan) and your project looks like it might be just the ticket to cover the Tor component with the DNS lookup protection with the Python bindings. If it weren't for that I'd just use my old standby of piping requests through privoxy and into Tor.

@meejah neat trick. I may be able to find some other uses for that in a similar field, cheers.

There's something rather nice abouy working on a project that let's me update my own bio on the project website (and push access to master goes live within minutes).

So now my OpenPGP fingerprint won't trail off the edge of the screen on a phone display:


And I plugged this account.

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When you are a youtuber and want to help #peertube to success, help it by making your peertube content more exclusive than your Youtube content.

How to do?

Post your videos 2 days earlier on Peertube before you publish them on YouTube.

This doesn't hurt you or your followers while giving them a good reason to switch and make YouTube less central :)


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"More and more increasingly essential business web sites turn up blank
pages without JS active, sometimes for many third-party domains as well. That is fucked. Equally many seem to have huge expanses of screen blocked off by seemingly contentless elements.." -Friend
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Interested in a decentralized video hosting network? Well, the folks @Framasoft are creating one called PeerTube.

And they're looking to crowdfund support for it. If you want to back the project, you can learn more here: kisskissbankbank.com/en/projec

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It's not so bad if shit happens provided you serve the right wine with it.

Or alternatively, just load in a fresh tab rather than reloading.

Based on the holes in my TL, I guess chaos.social is still having media display woes since the instance upgrade, yeah?

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We Are Updating Our Occult Privacy Policy

At some point in the last few years, we have:

) Viewed you through a scrying pool and/or mirror
) Crafted a double of you from blood and willpower and used it to manipulate your moods and actions and/or
) Sunk into a dark liquid pool, then rose again to the surface but the surface was your eyes, through which we saw all you saw, thought as you thought, as intimate as breath.

Due to new legislation, now we have to ask:
Can we keep doing all that?

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<Deek> "I keep my personal gpg data in a locked, lead safe in a vault
guarded by angry rednecks and their dawgs. Trespassers will be
violated, and all that..."
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RT twitter.com/fr3ino
Because of #GDPR, USA Today decided to run a separate version of their website for EU users, which has all the tracking scripts and ads removed. The site seemed very fast, so I did a performance audit. How fast the internet could be without all the junk!
5.2MB β†’ 500KB

So today, just to meet the quota for the Things That Will Annoy Danny At EFF Dot Org category; today I got GPG working with SMS. It's a bit ad-hoc, of course, but it does work.

Admittedly it does require running an SMS gateway REST server on the phone (which is an old piece of shit that struggles to retain power at the best of times), but it does work. There's also really horrible delays in delivery when sending 5KB+ SMSes (good thing they're unlimited on my plan).

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