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I'm a nonbinary queer person from Germany. I do stuff with , , and since recently . Other interests of mine are feminism, queerness and inclusive communities.

I love reading about other people's lives and thoughts. But interacting with them consumes a lot of energy - often more than I have. So don't be surprised if I won't do it that much :)

Soldering a small batch of temperature/humidity sensor breakout boards.

Board tabbing done as per @esden's KiCad panelization tutorial, works perfect!

Queer people, habt ihr Empfehlungen wo ich in D pride Flaggen (ganze Bandbreite, nicht nur die 2, 3 populärsten) bestellen kann und dabei idealerweise anderen Queers/queeren Projekten Geld gebe anstatt irgendeinem Flaggenstore?

Please consider putting CWs on EU election posts (just like with any political stuff), thanks.

Yes, this also applies to not boosting posts which don't have a CW.

software rant 

Since @toni pointed out that these are probably automated CW's by a crossposter I'd like to add:

If you see such a post and would like to boost it - don't. You can answer to the toot, delete the mention and write your own CW for it referring "the toot above", that works quite well. Or write your own toot mentioning the twitter source. But please, don't just spread it further as is with the useless "Birdsite" CW. Thanks.

I see more and more posts with a CW that says only "Twitter Crosspost" or "Birdsite" etc lately.

And when expanding the toot it's most of the time "RT [Tweet about some horrible thing that absolutely needs a CW]"

Please don't do this.

A CW is a CONTENT warning. Posting stuff from twitter is ok, for me such a CW is needless. What needs to be CWed is the CONTENT you post, no matter the source. Substituting the latter with the former is dangerous for people who need CWs.

de trans rights, TSG Reform (+/~) 

de trans rights, TSG Reformentwurf (-) 

food, non-veg, german 

food, non-veg, german 

ranting about electronic component datasheets 

design lesson of the day: when using an extra voltage regulator to power a peripheral, make that voltage regulators enable line available to the main microcontroller so you can powercycle the peripheral from your code.

Jedes Jahr im Frühling freue ich mich ein oder zwei Wochen über die schöne Blumenwiese die im Garten hinterm Haus wächst. Bis dann, dieses Jahr heute, die Nachbarn im Haus die den Garten gemietet haben den Rasenmährer rausholen und bis zum Herbst dafür sorgen dass nichts existiert was 5mm über den dann kahlen, brauen Boden hinauswächst. :(

Did I mention all the green in the woods already? :D I really like it, so beautiful :)

Actually it's better this way, allows for non sharp corners on the stainless sheet which probably is a very good idea.^^

Doesn't matter much anyway since this is going to be a stand for a milling machine and to protect it from chips and oil there will be a stainless steel sheet on top that will fold over and cover up the edges.

And for extra points forget to add the thickness of the short side boards on the long side, so the corners aren't covered :D This will stay this way now, out of material.^^

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