Cardboard truly is *the* material for prototype engineering of mechanical solutions.

Made this power supply holder in 10 minutes. Might replace it with some lasercut wood at some point. Or maybe not, works more than good enough as is :D

Soldering a small batch of temperature/humidity sensor breakout boards.

Board tabbing done as per @esden's KiCad panelization tutorial, works perfect!

OMG, that was intense. But it actually went better than I anticipated, I was even able to solder the super tiny 01005 resistor (which is only 0.4mm long and 0.2mm wide!) just fine :D The 0201 LEDs with their LGA-Package are evil though.

Next: Cobbling something together to program the microcontroller with.^^

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I made & lapped a bench block last week and here is the video on the project:

Last weeks project: Finally milling (on a friends mill) the grbl controller board I designed last year for my small . After one practice piece to get the two-sided milling workflow down this worked really good. Nice and clean engraving and in the last picture the populated board ready for install.

Third is new height adjusting nuts for the toolholders, the ones on there (left) were rusted and didn't move anymore. Plus their design wasn't that good to begin with. My solution is a lot simpler and easier to use: Just a disk, drilled and tapped M5, slitted with the hacksaw, and bend slightly together to give some preload so the nut won't move by itself. Lastly I added two flats for adjusting it with a wrench.
Last thing I did that evening was adding a chipguard to the back of the machine.

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