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I think the biggest issue is boosts. I don't follow people who *post* violent shit, but people keep boosting it. I turn off boosts and I don't see it, but I also don't get to find new awesome people to follow, and it just gets quieter and quieter around here.

So I mute the dickheads whose stuff keeps getting boosted, but then I've got half of trans Mastodon muted and what's the point?

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oh my god I've got so many people muted here now that it's barely worth being here

Complaint about un-CWed violence 

Too many angry dickheads on this site lately, I know lockdown is sending everyone doolally but specific threats of violence directed at the reader with no CW are still a bit much.

Unless I can find somewhere to hide in a soft, calm corner of the fediverse, I think I need to take my leave πŸ’œ

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Complaint about un-CWed violence 

If you're the person who posted "I hope you get your fucking teeth kicked in" with no CW, consider yourself blocked. If you're the idiot who boosted it into my timeline, consider yourself also blocked. Byee πŸ‘‹

Went for a walk at the country park earlier. Lots of people, but everyone very well-behaved.

The only "trouble" came from a teenage couple. The girl asked the boy to move two metres away from another group, and - presumably in a bid to impress her with how hard he was - said "I don't give a fuck about two metres". She wasn't very happy with him πŸ˜‚


In the news: "South Yorkshire Police say they want to clamp down on gun-toting criminals in Sheffield."

What on earth were they doing before, then?

Covid-19, sex 

The same goes for the bunch of lads I saw doing rugby training on the rugby field the other week. The health and social benefits of seeing the lads and playing a bit of rugby probably vastly outweigh the infinitesimal risk of one of them having the virus.

The best way to make yourself sick is to be constantly tightly wound about what everyone else is doing.

Please don't @ me to argue about this or yell at me, I've made my mind up on this subject. πŸ’œ

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Covid-19, sex 

I keep hearing about people I know meeting new people on dating apps and going to their houses for casual sex.

I honestly can't get mad. I've used it all up. I can't get angry at young, healthy, low-risk people who more likely than not haven't got the virus meeting and engaging in an activity that's good for mental and physical health.

The "stay in! at all times! hunker in the bunker!" thing has run its course. Life is risky and has a 100% chance of death. I'm done judging.

Sad moment, taking the university timetable app off my phone's home screen to make room for something else.

To be fair, I haven't used it for months, it used to be useful because they moved our rooms around every couple of weeks, but I'm definitely not going to be using it until at least September 😭

Saying "this particular murder is so important it doesn't need a CW" is basically saying "this life is more valuable and important than another life" and that's not cool πŸ’œ

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AAAAA USE CWs if you're talking about murder and violence, even if it's Really Really Important Stuff We Need To Know About

I heard someone on the radio saying "we're lifting the lid on a boiling pan!"

Haven't we suffered enough? We had three years of Brexit metaphors, now we have to suffer this nonsense? Can't we just have people telling it straight?


I see today that various boffins are saying it's too early to come out of the total lockdown (the fact that we already largely have notwithstanding). I have to ask, if this is too early, when do they suggest we do it? We have to weigh this up against the unimaginable health costs of the lockdown, which we can't neatly put into a day-by-day tally.

Five cases is almost certainly an under-representation of the truth, not everyone gets tested. But testing is way up, cases are way down.

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I don't watch the numbers, I think the constant tick-tick-tick of cases and deaths on the rolling news is absolutely fucking terrible for mental health.

But I did clock today that our district of 500,000 people racked up a massive surge of five new Covid cases in the past week. That's after many weeks of very lax lockdown and social distancing adherence locally - cafΓ©s open, packed parks, non stop family visits.

I was listening to local US radio on an SDR (you can't hear US radio streams in the UK, they're blocked) and their traffic bulletin is "sponsored by Duck Duck Go".

I was always under the impression that Duck Duck Go was a little grassroots project, not the sort of company that would advertise on the radio?


They're making up recession shapes again. We've had the V shaped recession, then the U shaped recession, then (hopefully not) the L shaped recession but today I've read for the first time about the Nike Swoosh shaped recession.

How about just "pear shaped"?

Football, lockdown 

Football is back!

But it's going to be on Sky Sports, which is a paid-for TV station.

In the absence of being able to go to the match, everyone's going to be gathering at the house of that one guy who has the full Sky package. Good move!

New Raspberry Pi for sale with 8GB of memory, costs Β£70.

Why would you spend Β£70 on a Pi? With the case, and the required power supply, you've easily gone over Β£100. For that, you could get a quiet miniature Intel-based PC. I don't get the point.


There's a photo in the paper - behind a paywall so I've screenshotted it here - of a bunch of blokes in a pub in Prague. All of them look over 60 if not 70, sitting cheek-by-jowl, masks pulled down while they neck their pints.

We know men of a certain age are most at risk from Covid. What on earth is going on over there? 🍻

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