Some idiot has spraypainted on the sign at the end of my street that welcomes people to my town so that instead of just the name of the town it now says


State of this rubbish, who are these muppets

"Welsh Gov wants to make Wales the most LGBTQ+ friendly nation in Europe"


have we all seen the photos from trans pride london? they're great and literally everyone looks beautiful and cool

#pride #lgbtq #trans #london #uk 🐘

FOSS people make me want to do well at university so I can get a good job and buy a Mac and not be a FOSS person any more

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Other warning signs: running their own instance rather than being on an actual instance with other humans; lack of CW use (and getting mardy if you point it out); being someone who replies and argues with you if you post anything faintly techie related

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I'm getting more and more to the point where if someone is a cis man and his Mastodon profile is just a long list of FOSS they use, I'm blocking them, because they generally turn out to be nobheads in the end - easier to just give them the boot now rather than in a few weeks

Things I've heard on the news about the Batley by-election:

βœ… It's a referendum on whether Keir Starmer stays or goes
βœ… It's a referendum on whether Matt Hancock stays or goes
βœ… It's a referendum on the Palestinian situation
βœ… It's a referendum on lockdowns and Covid policy

Things I've not heard on the news about the Batley by-election:

❌ It's a referendum on who people in Batley want as their MP

Covid-19 (+) 

Also, beware the pro-lockdown and anti-vaxxer muppets teaming up over the next few weeks to promote headlines about some massively high percentage of hospitalised or dead people "being fully vaccinated"

When a good proportion of the country is fully vaccinated, then by definition most of the people in hospital will be fully vaccinated, but if that's 1,000 people and not 30,000 then the vaccines work

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I guess it's more honest than Premier League football, where a team might be *owned* by a shower of evil bastards from some oil-producing dictatorship but actually called, say, "Manchester City"

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How can anyone cheer on the teams in the Tour de France? I can't imagine anyone wanting to wave the flag for the likes of "UAE Team Emirates", "Astana", "Team Bahrain Victorious" or "Israel Start Up Nation" and as for the "Ineos Grenadiers"...

Is there a rule in professional cycling that means your team has to be named after a country with a questionable record on human rights or an evil polluting corporation?

Covid-19 (+) 

For the first time since July 2020, we're off the Covid-19 shit list and not under any additional restrictions or guidance

This video needs no subtitles - he's clearly saying "I don't mind most marine creatures, but sea lions? I could do without sea lions..."

Local radio keeps doing little profiles of prominent LGBT+ people from the local area for Pride month

Today was Sophie Wilson, who I had never heard of but apparently she designed the BBC Micro and the instruction set for ARM processors among other things

Every day's a school day

If widening participation students are like Aldi products, does that mean mature students from WP backgrounds are like out-of-date Aldi products πŸ€”

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The Deputy VC at my university really doesn't want non-traditional students at her institution, apparently we "devalue the brand"

She referred to the university as being "like Marks and Spencer" and said students who haven't got good A-level grades are "like Aldi products" and "if Marks and Spencer stocked Aldi products it would devalue its brand"

I have no A-levels and this year I got the highest mark in the class, but if I "devalue their brand" I'm happy to go away

Stupid political song 

They're fulfilling their aim of bringing the country together in opposition to that shocking song

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Stupid political song 

I'm laughing out loud at the radio which has just played a clip of an absolutely *dreadful* song called something like "Strong Britain, Great Nation" being sung by school kids, apparently we're all being encouraged to sing it on Friday πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ πŸ˜‚

The DJ called it "minging" and said it was like "being in North Korea" which is the appropriate response to god awful patriotic songs being sung by children 🀒

One of the worst parts is that things that used to fill my free time, like online conversations, no longer fill my free time because I don't want to spend time doing them, but I don't have the money to spend on new experiences - the computer is already here and the internet is already paid for, while I don't have the disposable cash to pay for yoga classes or hiking gear or travel or whatever

I feel more and more like I'm just idling and it's depressing

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