Covid-19 vaccine 

If that means I can't go to "Mass Gatherings" like, say, Bradford City v Tranmere Rovers or a muddy festival in a field somewhere, so be it, I never went to that sort of thing anyway

No vaccines, no vaccine passports, vaccinate the people who really need it around the world and leave us alone until you've done that, come back when you've done all the vulnerable people in the likes of Eritrea and Lesotho

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Covid-19 vaccine 

I wish there was a form you could fill in that said, please don't offer me the vaccine when it's "My Turn", instead please send my dose to a country where they've vaccinated like 0.5% of people so far

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Covid-19 vaccine 

It's a bit hypothetical, because they aren't going to offer it to me for months or years yet, but when they do offer me the vaccine I've decided not to have it

I just don't need it - I've never had the flu in my life, I never get colds, I could probably catch smallpox and go "there's a bug going round? really?"

They shouldn't be vaccinating healthy mid-30s people like me when people in Yemen or Sudan etc are still waiting for doses for the most vulnerable πŸ‘Ž

The only fun anyone has been able to have for the past 14 years has been to troll Google Bloke by telling him that he's wrong and Bob Holness did play that bit on Baker Street and Jedward do use Debian

Take our pubs back from the tyranny of Google Bloke 2021

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New Covid rule from The Government

All pubs may open, once the wi-fi has been switched off

This restores the fun of pre-2007 life, where conversations were aimless, speculative and everyone involved was often wildly wrong, but there wasn't that one guy who goes WELL ACTUALLY and whips his phone out to get The Facts From Google to end the conversation

People with partners are starting to get on my tits a bit, I had an interaction last night which was, in essence, the online equivalent of "oi what you sayin' to my bird?"

I prefer being on my own, but when you are a single person with no close family it does often feel like the world is full of little units who'll gang up on you if you wrong one of them

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Hey,, when I sign up for one single weekly newsletter, it doesn't mean "please then email me on a Saturday morning about your wife's new graphic design business"

That is literally unsolicited mail - doesn't matter that I'm On Your List, I've only given permission for you to email me for one specific reason


From a (really poorly written) local news story about a factory closure:

> [The company] confirmed [that while] Brexit had presented a number of "challenges" it had also presented an opportunity to "concentrate on the UK".

Isn't that a bit like all those football managers insisting that being dumped out of the cup by Crawley Town is a good thing, because it lets them "concentrate on the league"?

It's almost like employers are deliberately making flimsy pandemic excuses, so they can push for people to head back to the office the moment the government says they can

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I mean, I don't much care, it's only the official transcript of results, you know your results beforehand anyway - it's just the constant excuses from companies, universities, government at this late stage of the pandemic

Sowwy the pandemic is going on so we can't possibly figure out how to answer the phone, fix your internet, release your exam results, we made a fucky wucky πŸ₯Ί πŸ₯Ί

Especially since the pandemic has been going on since the start of the academic year, what has changed?

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From the university: "We are emailing to announce a change to the Spring Semester undergraduate examination results publication date. In response to the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the results publication date will now be one week later than previously advertised."

Really? How many months has it been now? What possible unforeseen impact has the pandemic had given that the university has been operating under these conditions for over a year? State of this

Honest to god, stickers! I haven't had a sticker since the dentist gave me a sticker and a lollipop for being brave aged 6

Come to think of it, why was the dentist handing out Chupa Chups? Drumming up business for the future πŸ€”

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Vaccine selfies are pretty much the worst trend I've seen on here, please make them stop, if not for your own dignity then for the sake of all the people in different parts of the world who are as yet unable to access the vaccine but have to look from a distance at your privileged arm (and, in the case of Americans, your stupid I Got Vaccinated sticker) πŸ‘Ž

Oh and the acting was so wooden I thought I was watching a commercial for Wickes

This has been Abi's Highbrow TV Review, find me in next week's Guardian Guide

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The Syndicate gets 1 πŸ’© out of 5

One day we will have a television show where the characters live in the North and aren't all intensely miserable, some of them might be quite happy with it, but today is not that day

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Why are all TV shows set in the North so depressing? I started watching The Syndicate the other night, it sounded like a good yarn

It started off depressing and I thought "okay, they're establishing that the characters are poor, it'll get interesting soon" but 40 minutes in we were still going through a greatest hits of ye olde Northern poverty tropes

The last straw was the bailiff turning up to take the telly, I wished someone would take mine so I didn't have to watch any more of that crap

Gosh, do you think the xkcd guy might have had his Covid jab recently? Fully 95% of his recent cartoons have been about it, give it a rest mate, you've been off the boil for about five years anyway

Forget blood clots, side effects of the Covid jab appear to include being unable to talk about any other fucking subject for weeks afterwards, it's controlling your minds, people 🀯

If, at some distant point in the future, you see me post "I've had my jab!! πŸŽ‰" please tell me to fuck off πŸ‘Œ

Covid-19 vaccines 

Also if you think "I'm getting my vaccine soon!" or "I just had my vaccine!" is something worth posting on social media, think about all the people who are still at risk and then don't post

If I get a vaccine (and by the time I get a vaccine I'll be driving my flying Tesla to the Musk moon colony) you can guarantee you won't see a "hey I just had a jab!! πŸŽ‰" post on here from me, and if you do, you can tell me to get in the bin πŸ‘

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