I still think Michaelmas and Lent sound more like a folk duo from Shropshire than university term dates.

@ak I went to a uni that did this and it made me feel like I was LARPing

@Galdrakinn We have Autumn Semester and Spring Semester, we only have two terms and neither of them have odd biblical names.

I never knew they were a thing until I read a piece about Cambridge putting all its lectures online for the entire academic year 🙄 and I was like - wait, Michaelwhat?

@ak I think it's a "using words that indicate that we are old legitimises our power as an institution" thing. Exclusivity of language and all that

@Galdrakinn Cambridge can get away with putting all its lectures online because very few people who've got in will go "hey, fuck Cambridge, I'm off to Teesside instead" but other universities are going to find it hard to attract students if they're not letting people attend the actual campus

@ak honestly I would submit a defferal, distance learning isn't suitable for everyone and it sucks that Cambridge can use their position to force students to accept it.

@Galdrakinn Universities aren't letting people defer, for the fairly good reason that if everyone deferred, the uni would have no income for the year and there wouldn't be any places for next year's school leavers because this year's students would have reserved them all

@Galdrakinn I do think we might end up in a situation where universities open up based on how desperate they are for punters. So you might (hypothetically) get Manchester closed, which it is, and Man Met and Salford opening up their campuses, maybe even marketing themselves as a destination for transfers from the "more prestigious" uni...

@Galdrakinn My uni is "Russell Group" and is likely to be closed for the first or both semesters next year, but their new website markets them as a "campus experience" - good facilities, a great SU, etc.

I think they need to perhaps pull that marketing right now when they know full well that all the buildings are going to be shut and people applying now are going to be "learning" in their parents' back bedroom for a year, it's basically lying

@ak You're right, it is lying. And applicants wouldn't expect a Russel group uni to lie, so it's really taking advantage of their reputation to get money off of people, which is.... Not great.

@Galdrakinn Oh no, I expect every utterance from the university administration to be covered in a thick layer of bullshit, but then again university is supposed to teach you to be questioning 🙃

@ak I'm not sure the majority of 18 year olds applying would have learned that yet!


@Galdrakinn Universities have spent many years marketing themselves more as an experience than an education - a social life on a stylish, well-equipped campus with beautiful people. There is video after video on university websites that looks more like a fashion ad than a university ad.

Now it's been pared back to reading through a few PowerPoints in your back bedroom, it starts to look like the emperor has been wearing very few clothes for some time now.

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