Today's "let's cover up the bad news" story is top billing for the Moderna vaccine rollout in the UK. Reportedly half a million doses - barely a day's supply - but it's top of all news bulletins

There is no talk, except in a couple of Guardian articles, about the fact that the rollout has almost completely come to a standstill for first doses because of short supplies and a "lump" of second doses because they rushed it

It seems to be "let it rip" among younger people because who cares


The more we go on, the more evidence there is that long Covid is a serious issue that does affect younger people, especially younger women

But instead of saying "we'll delay opening pubs and shops until the vaccine is rolled out fully" they are saying "we'll open everything up and good luck to the younger people pulling your pints and serving your burgers"

As for vaccine passports - young people can work in your pubs and risk their safety but they can't go to the pub, fuck that shit


"Covid doesn't affect young people" is a myth perpetuated by people who make money by employing young people on low wages to do "key work" "front line" jobs

There should be industrial action, there should be a groundswell of people saying "no, we aren't coming back to work in your pub or shop until we're vaccinated and it's safe", but they have got everyone so desperate for work money with the policies of the past 30 years that it can't happen, people have to risk their health


They're also once again loosening the lockdown based on low infection rates in rich white Southern English towns, while ignoring the fact that the infection rate in poorer Northern English towns is several times higher, because that worked so well this time last year



The other thing that's really weird is how unconcerned everyone is about the easing of lockdown now that *they've* had *their* vaccine

People who last year were up in arms at the reopening are now more like "well I've had mine, so 🤷‍♀️"

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