Covid-19 vaccines 

They are STILL blindly going down the age bands for vaccinations, opening it now to "everyone over 45" in England

Instead of looking at who is at greater risk, i.e. people in manual/industrial jobs in areas of high infection, they're still giving the limited supply of vaccine to healthy 45-year-olds who can work from home in low infection rate areas

Send the vaccines to the Midlands and North, and give them to the people packing your meat and sending your Amazon orders ffs

Covid-19 vaccines 

The real villains here are, of course, the USA whose government are refusing to export not only vaccines, but anything that could conceivably be used in the manufacture of vaccines - chemical components, syringes, vials, scientific doodads

They really need to give their heads a wobble, the UK has come in for criticism for not exporting from its tiny factories, but the reality is we are all being screwed by the Yanks, who have huge capacity and are using it all for themselves


Covid-19 vaccines 

Also if you think "I'm getting my vaccine soon!" or "I just had my vaccine!" is something worth posting on social media, think about all the people who are still at risk and then don't post

If I get a vaccine (and by the time I get a vaccine I'll be driving my flying Tesla to the Musk moon colony) you can guarantee you won't see a "hey I just had a jab!! 馃帀" post on here from me, and if you do, you can tell me to get in the bin 馃憤

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