Reminder that your domain hack or vanity domain probably funds either Verisign or Etisalat (look em up).

I didn't look up .codes before we grabbed it. It and a number of other new tlds common on fedi were owned by private equity firm Abry Partners, though Abry owners are "selling" it to another company they own, Ethos Capital. You might remember them as the private shell company that tried to buy up .org (and were rejected) in 2019.

@epilanthanomai Another domain for the shit list is .io for the so-called "British Indian Ocean Territory", more correctly the Chagos Islands

It's a bunch of islands stolen from the locals back in the 1960s with forced removals, and now rented to the USA as an air base

The islands have been handed to Mauritius by UN resolution and the British government refuse to hand them over - .io is a domain for an occupied indigenous territory that should not exist 👎 💩

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