Why are all TV shows set in the North so depressing? I started watching The Syndicate the other night, it sounded like a good yarn

It started off depressing and I thought "okay, they're establishing that the characters are poor, it'll get interesting soon" but 40 minutes in we were still going through a greatest hits of ye olde Northern poverty tropes

The last straw was the bailiff turning up to take the telly, I wished someone would take mine so I didn't have to watch any more of that crap


The Syndicate gets 1 💩 out of 5

One day we will have a television show where the characters live in the North and aren't all intensely miserable, some of them might be quite happy with it, but today is not that day

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Oh and the acting was so wooden I thought I was watching a commercial for Wickes

This has been Abi's Highbrow TV Review, find me in next week's Guardian Guide

@ak i've never seen this show but i'd honestly prefer just watching the Wickes advert

@doe Don't watch it, it is a load of old pony

We had debt collectors chasing people up the street, blokes in big cars taking people's jobs off them, people struggling to pay the rent, people addicted to gambling

If it was a lazy poverty TV trope it was in the mix

Shit hasn't moved on since Kes ffs, at least Barry Hines wasn't this much of a hack

@doe One day there will be a programme where the North is not a bleak wasteland of poverty, addiction, crime and senseless violence

Today is not that day and nor will it ever be that day while the BBC are making the decisions about what dramas to make

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