Vaccine selfies are pretty much the worst trend I've seen on here, please make them stop, if not for your own dignity then for the sake of all the people in different parts of the world who are as yet unable to access the vaccine but have to look from a distance at your privileged arm (and, in the case of Americans, your stupid I Got Vaccinated sticker) 👎

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Honest to god, stickers! I haven't had a sticker since the dentist gave me a sticker and a lollipop for being brave aged 6

Come to think of it, why was the dentist handing out Chupa Chups? Drumming up business for the future 🤔

@ak (we have stickers too btw, though they were using them to attach the vaccination card to the information leaflet at the place I went)

@wolfie Christ on a bike, the infantilisation of the world continues

Look at me, I got my vaxie waxie aaaargh

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