Hey, RadioToday.co.uk, when I sign up for one single weekly newsletter, it doesn't mean "please then email me on a Saturday morning about your wife's new graphic design business"

That is literally unsolicited mail - doesn't matter that I'm On Your List, I've only given permission for you to email me for one specific reason


People with partners are starting to get on my tits a bit, I had an interaction last night which was, in essence, the online equivalent of "oi what you sayin' to my bird?"

I prefer being on my own, but when you are a single person with no close family it does often feel like the world is full of little units who'll gang up on you if you wrong one of them

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@ak I had such an amazing time as a singleton. Decades of it, and never thirsted for being partnered with anyone - mostly because it's so hard to find someone who's worth the effort (and boy is it an effort!) of making a life together.

I envy your freedom even if I love my family and wouldn't be without them ✊✊✊

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