Covid-19 vaccine 

It's a bit hypothetical, because they aren't going to offer it to me for months or years yet, but when they do offer me the vaccine I've decided not to have it

I just don't need it - I've never had the flu in my life, I never get colds, I could probably catch smallpox and go "there's a bug going round? really?"

They shouldn't be vaccinating healthy mid-30s people like me when people in Yemen or Sudan etc are still waiting for doses for the most vulnerable 馃憥


Covid-19 vaccine 

I wish there was a form you could fill in that said, please don't offer me the vaccine when it's "My Turn", instead please send my dose to a country where they've vaccinated like 0.5% of people so far

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Covid-19 vaccine 

If that means I can't go to "Mass Gatherings" like, say, Bradford City v Tranmere Rovers or a muddy festival in a field somewhere, so be it, I never went to that sort of thing anyway

No vaccines, no vaccine passports, vaccinate the people who really need it around the world and leave us alone until you've done that, come back when you've done all the vulnerable people in the likes of Eritrea and Lesotho

Covid-19 vaccine 

@ak look, I don't normally like confronting people, on, well, about anything, but please get your vaccine. And if you really care about the people in more vulnerable populations, do the work for them to get it to. This is a manufactured scarcity thanks to capitalism. Your refusal to get the vaccine is potentially dangerous since you can still carry it and have no symptoms, and also, this is kind of like the thing where they tell parents to use the oxygen mask first on an airplane. It sucks that it's happening at all. And it infinitely sucks that exploited countries are pretty much being ignored, but quietly refusing to get it isn't going to do anything except mess up herd immunity.

Covid-19 vaccine 

@alanae That's a very fair point, but even if the goal is herd immunity and we assume the dose has to stay in this country, then I'm a terrible person to give it to anyway because I live on my own and never see anyone

Why give it to me aged 35 before giving it to someone who works in a supermarket or warehouse aged 29? It makes no sense, because those people are more likely to catch it and spread it than I am

I'm powerless to do any more than not get my vaccine here, sadly

Covid-19 vaccine 

@alanae Also, the vaccine here is AstraZeneca and everyone I know who has had it has had some kind of mean side effects, one friend was in bed for two days shivering, I was really scared

Meanwhile, I caught the dreaded Covid in September and didn't even know I had it, I took a test as a precaution after coming into contact with a positive case and self-isolated for two weeks when it came back positive

The vaccines seem to be making people sicker than Covid made me 馃槙

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