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@ak "chose apartments with no functioning kitchen" why does that even exist

@welshpixie An *awful* lot of students at our university just get Deliveroo most days and don't use their halls or student house kitchen, seems like an expensive way to live but there are a lot of very well off students these days

@welshpixie According to this article "meditative gong baths" are the new hot workplace perk

Sounds faintly kinky

@ak What in the actual XD

Scrap the kitchens, nobody eats any more! We don't need to eat when our souls are washed clean in our new meditative gong baths!

@welshpixie I googled it and I've actually met someone who at least at the time did it for a living!! I'd just forgotten that's what it was called

Years ago I was struggling to fill a radio show and got one in to do a demonstration on the air, they literally sit there banging a gong while you have your eyes shut and meditate, it's supposed to be relaxing or something

It relaxed me, it filled 12 minutes of radio

@ak Haaaaaah. Sounds even more kinky but uh, 'rubbing the gong' is actually a fun sound, it's kinda like musical thunder.

@welshpixie I think Ofcom might get involved if I got someone in to rub my gong on the air

@ak @welshpixie This is making my "why, back in *my* day" energy intensify to an unhealthy degree.

@dumpsterqueer It doesn't say it's a man in the article but yeah it's a man

@ak This is kind of ridiculous but also kind of not - household food management and preparation is INCREDIBLY time and labour intensive and we devalue it because it's lady work amirite.

I dream of free, public canteens like these in every neighbourhood.

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