Thread on covid vaccination passport and what other data it wants to collect. Add this together with the concerted attack on end to end encryption via online harms paper, you should be concerned for your privacy and your identifiable information.
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Then the shockers. Vehicle plate, NI number, employer, education, info on family and lifestyle, ethnic origin, biometric and genetic for identif…

@onepict The whole thing is really fucking dodgy

Brand the vaccines as the latest must-have consumer product, create competition among consumers - "which one did you have? oh, that's too bad, I had the best one, Pfizer"

Stigmatise people who haven't taken the vaccine - usually because they live in a poorer community and don't have access to online services and/or transport rather than because they're an "anti vaxxer"

Ratchet up the fear levels with "variants"

Add data tracking, job done

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@onepict Bolton has low vaccination levels because they put the vaccination centre at the out-of-town football stadium, which is super easy to drive to in your private car but you need 2-3 bus changes to get there from the high-density poorer neighbourhoods of Bolton

But if you listen to the radio, it's because they're all a bunch of dyed-in-the-wool anti-vaxxers who don't know what's good for them

It's all really yuck

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